If you planned to buy any console, PlayStation, Xbox, or other, not so long ago, you needed to consider a few things. Of course, you care about features and price, but you also needed to make sure your friends have the same console so you can all play a game together. Imagine being the only one with a PC while all of your friends are together on PS and talking about it whenever you meet. Yes, I know, it sounds horrifying.

Luckily, game developers decided to help those who couldn’t afford to have all of the consoles at once and enable the cross-play option. Simply speaking, cross-playing means that you and your friends can have different consoles and still play the game together.

Unfortunately, it won’t work for all games, but the biggest franchises enabled this option or started working on it. Whether you want to play some of the new games or even old-gen, you might be able to find your favorite on the list. Here, I’ll present you with some of the best cross-platform games you can play with your friends regardless of the console you have.

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All Cross-Platform Games

Most Popular Cross-Platform Games

As mentioned, some of the biggest game developers have made sure to enable cross-platform for their games. Here’s the list of the most popular cross-platform games currently available and consoles you can use to play.

Game Platforms
Fortnite PS4  PS5 Xbox One Xbox Series X Switch PC
Apex Legends PS4 PC Switch Xbox One    
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox One PS4 PC      
Call of Duty Warzone PS4 Xbox One PC Xbox Series X PS5  
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PS4 Xbox One PC Xbox Series X Xbox Series X  
Minecraft Xbox One PS4 Switch PC    
Rocket League  Xbox One Switch PC PS4    
Gears Of War 4  PC Xbox One        


These are the most popular games at the moment, and yes, you can play cross-platform. As you can tell, some of them give you a vast number of options, such as Fortnite, while others, such as Gears of War, are pretty limited. Yet, we should appreciate the effort and hope that we will get more of the popular games with the cross-platform option enabled in the future.

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Other Games You Can Play Cross-Platform

Games Platforms
Among Us  Android iOS PC Switch  
Brawlhalla  Switch Xbox One PS4 PC  
Dauntless PS4  Xbox One PC Switch  
Dead by Daylight  Switch Xbox One PS4 PC  
Fantasy Strike  PS4 Switch PC    
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn  PS4 PC      
Genshin Impact  PC PS4 Android iOS  
Hyper Scape  Xbox One PS4 PC    
Minecraft Dungeons  PC Xbox One PS4 Switch  
MLB The Show 21  Xbox Series X PS5 Xbox One PS4  
Need for Speed Heat PS4 Xbox One PC    
No Man’s Sky  PS4 Xbox One PC    
Paladins: Champions of the Realm  Xbox One Switch PC PS4  
Power Rangers  Battle for the Grid: Switch Xbox One PS4 PC  
Realm Royale  Xbox One Switch PC PS4  
Rogue Company  PS4 Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One Xbox Series X
SMITE  Xbox One Switch PC PS4  
Spellbreak  Epic Games Store Xbox One PS4 Switch  
Star Wars: Squadrons  Xbox One PS4 PC    
Super Mega Baseball 2  PS4 Xbox One PC Switch  
Super Mega Baseball 3  PS4 Xbox One PC Switch  
World of Warships  Legends: PS4 Xbox One PC    
World War Z  Epic Games Store Xbox One PC    


Besides the most popular games out there, others deserved to be mentioned. Of course, you might not be a fan of fantasy world and Fortnite, but Need For Speed might drive your excitement. Check out this list as well. It’s worth it for sure.

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Most Popular Cross-Platform Games

Free Cross-Platform Games

Of course, some of these games need to be paid to play cross-platform. However, some are free and just waiting for you and your friends. Here’s the list of the most popular free cross-platform games:

Games Platforms
Fortnite  PS4 PS5 Xbox One Xbox Series X Switch PC
Apex Legends  Xbox One PS4 PC Switch    
Call of Duty: Warzone  PS4 Xbox One PC Xbox Series X PS5  
Rocket League  Xbox One Switch PC PS4    


Why Not Every Game Is Available Cross-Platform

The main reason why games weren’t made as cross-platform in the first place is because of the advantage some players might have. Of course, the main idea of cross-platform games is to be multi-player. Otherwise, you can’t play with others anyways. The most popular multi-player games are shooters. Having a mouse and a keyboard while playing shooting games gives PC players a significant advantage over those using joysticks and joy-pads. Therefore, the primary reason for not having this option for any game is fairness. Developers want players to have equal chances and play the game with those with the same gaming tools.

Also, there’s a legal issue. If a player using Xbox, for example, violates some of the policies and behaves aggressively towards PS players, Sony cannot take action against this person. Therefore, we’re having an issue with increased abusive behavior.

Yet, some developers decided that the benefits of having cross-play are far more significant than the disadvantages, and that’s how we got where we are today. Hopefully, this trend will continue, and we will get more and more games to play with our friends on different consoles.


Till then, check out our list and have fun! If you cannot decide on what to play, you can check Reddit’s list updated every day with the newest cross-platform games. For more ideas, check out this YouTube video, it’ll give you ideas for sure.

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