Azur Lane is a portable game where players can gather and update their ships to battle different players. The target of the game is to sink whatever number foe delivers as could reasonably be expected while ensuring your own. In this article, we will talk about the Azur Lane Tier List.

Tier List Azur Lane

The Azur Lane Tier list is a positioning of the ships all together from most noteworthy to least. The ships are positioned by their capacity to both incur and withstand harm, just as in light of which boat can best exploit what methodology.

About Tier List

Tier list implies positioning or reviewing dependent on their capacities and force level. It is a rundown of characters positioned dependent on their solidarity and capacity. Azur path is one of the well known games where players can decide to utilize various boats with shifting details and capacities.

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The warships in the Azur Lane Tier list are positioned by how incredible they are; the higher the level, the more ruinous and more grounded it is contrasted with ships with a lower level.

There are many advantages of the Azur Lane Tier list, including:

It figures out which boat is the most appropriate for various levels in the game.

It permits players to see which transport they need to step up or redesign prior to partaking in fight.

It decides if the player has a sufficient group and if their boats are adequately updated.

It helps players in deciding their positions and remaining on the leaderboard.

It considers a superior comprehension of each boat’s qualities and shortcomings.

While playing, it could be hard for new players to pick which boat to overhaul first. The Azur Lane Tier list will assist with directing them into what are probably the best ships to begin with.

S: Best of All

A: Good Near to Best

B:  Good Enough

C: Fair Ships

D: Rare Used Ships

E: Worst and should be avoided

Azur Lane Tier List

S Tier

S Tier: Azur tier list

Ship Type Location
Helena Light Cruiser Vanguard
San Diego Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Seattle Light Cruiser Vanguard
Ship Battleship Back Row
Georgia Battleship Back Row
Nagato Battleship Back Row
Odin Battleship Back Row
Friedrich der Grosse Battleship Back Row
Gascogne Battleship Back Row
Howe Battleship Back Row
Richelieu Battleship Back Row
Warspite retrofit Battleship Back Row
Monarch Battleship Back Row
Centaur Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Essex Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Formidable Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Ryuuhou Aircraft Carrier Back Row
I-13 Submarine Carrier BackRow
Roon Heavy Cruiser Back Row
Drake Heavy Cruiser Back Row
Baltimore Heavy Cruiser Back Row
Bremerton Heavy Cruiser Back Row
Azuma Large Cruiser Vanguard
U-101 Submarine Support
Ayanami Destroyer Vanguard


A Tier

A Tier: Azur lane video game

Ship Type Location
Chapayev Light Cruiser Vanguard
Neptune Light Cruiser Vanguard
Montpelier Light Cruiser Vanguard
Swiftsure Light Cruiser Vanguard
Yat-Sen Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Ping Hai retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Ning Hai retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Noshiro Light Cruiser Vanguard
Jintsuu retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Bismarck Battleship Back Row
Tosa Battleship Back Row
Duke of York Battleship Back Row
Alabama Battleship Back Row
King George V Battleship Back Row
Unicorn Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Illustrious Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Perseus Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Bunker Hill Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Saratoga Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Cheshire Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Saint Louis Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Zara Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Minneapolis Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Portland Retrofit Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
U-47 Submarine Support
I-168 Submarine Support
Yukikaze Destroyer Vanguard
Z23 Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
Kitakaze Destroyer Vanguard
Eldridge Destroyer Vanguard
Laffey Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
Tashkent Destroyer Vanguard
An Shan Destroyer Vanguard


B Tier

B Tier

Ship Type Location
Birmingham Light Cruiser Vanguard
Dido Light Cruiser Vanguard
Little Bel Light Cruiser Vanguard
Columbia Light Cruiser Vanguard
Hermione Light Cruiser Vanguard
Aurora Light Cruiser Vanguard
Cleveland Light Cruiser Vanguard
Jeanne D’Arc Light Cruiser Vanguard
Jean Bart Battleship Back Row
Champagne Battleship Back Row
Littorio Battleship Back Row
Queen Elizabeth Battleship Back Row
Tirpitz Battleship Back Row
North Carolina Battleship Back Row
Valiant Battleship Back Row
Shouhou Light Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Casablanca Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Kaga Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Mogami Retrofit Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
London Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Ibuki Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Albacore Submarine Support
Cavalla Submarine Support
U-81 Submarine Support
Javelin Destroyer Vanguard
Z1 Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard
Hanazuki Destroyer Vanguard
Nicholas Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard


C Tier

C - Tier

Ship Type Location
Newcastle Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Belfast Light Cruiser Vanguard
Sheffield Light Cruiser Vanguard
Kinu Light Cruiser Vanguard
Sirius Light Cruiser Vanguard
Curlew Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Reno Light Cruiser Vanguard
Gangut Battleship Back Row
Little Renown Battleship Back Row
Arizona Battleship Back Row
Izumo Battleship Back Row
Suruga Battleship Back Row
Hiryuu Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Souryuu Retrofit Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Victorious Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Shoukaku Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Zuikaku Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Algerie Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Wichita Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser Vanguard
Kawakaze Destroyer Vanguard
Eskimo Destroyer Vanguard
Kizuna Al Destroyer Vanguard
Kagerou Retrofit Destroyer Vanguard


D Tier

D - Tier

Ship Type Location
Curacoa Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Sendai Retrofit Light Cruiser Vanguard
Biloxi Light Cruiser Vanguard
Mikasa Battleship Back Row
Fumiruiru Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Akagi Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Taihou Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Eagle Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Shangri-La Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Bataan Aircraft Carrier Back Row
U-556 Submarine Support
U-73 Submarine Support
Tanikaze Destroyer Vanguard
Carabiniere Destroyer Vanguard
Naganami Destroyer Vanguard


E Tier

E - Tier

Ship Type Location
Isuzu Light Cruiser Vanguard
Zeppy Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Anniversary Kizuna Al Aircraft Carrier Back Row
Tartu Destroyer Vanguard
Icarus Destroyer Vanguard
Hibiki Destroyer Vanguard

Short Introduction About Game

It is a portable game created by Chinese developer Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi in September 2017. On May 20, 2019, the English form of Azur Lane was reported and delivered on the two iOS and Android.

It is a side-looking over shooter game and elements an anime style. The principal characters in It depend on warships from various nations. Players can update their ships utilizing in-game money and experience focuses, level up each boat’s capacities, modify the player’s headquarters with beautifications bought from the money shop (Dormitory), and communicate with different players.

The fundamental point of the game is to overcome adversaries and managers at each level. Each stage has a supervisor which players should overcome before they can advance further into the guide.

Concept of Battles in Azur Lane

In Azur Lane, you position your ships in two lines: the first column (Vanguard) and the back line. There are 3 openings for every one of these lines, so you need to plan which ships you’ll bring and how you’ll put them for the approaching experience.

Note that specific ships must be sent in front while others are the inverse.

When the situations are done, the guide begins looking over and adversaries will show up before the player’s armada. The player should explore their ships to obliterate adversaries and deterrents while relieving harm on their side. The objective of each experience is to arrive at the manager toward the finish of the level.

Since you have an outline of how fights work in Azur Lane, you most likely have a more clear thought of how you’ll structure your game. Moving along, how about we plunge into the level rundown.


What’s more, is our Azur Lane Tier List done and cleaned. The game can be overpowering with its huge program of characters and we trust that our level rundown assists you with exploring through the game no sweat. It is famous for the appropriate reasons, its won different honors and has been appraised profoundly by its player base also. It’s accessible for both Android and iOS and we suggest that you try it out on the off chance that you haven’t as of now done as such.

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