Dead Cells is a roguelike computer game affected by Metroidvania-style games and assuming you’re looking for games like Dead Cells, you’ve come to the perfect locations since we’ll suggest probably awesome.

games like Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a running, hopping and battling game where you are getting away from a jail. In a brilliant pixelated world you should precisely time assaults and avoids to overcome a wide scope of adversaries. It’s deliberately hard, and you will kick the bucket a great deal. Be that as it may, each time you do you can begin again with more information and weapon choices.
Tragically, Dead Cells isn’t accessible on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

So here are the best games like dead cells to play in 2022:


Abyss is a procedurally-produced RPG Platformer for PC (Win, Mac, and Linux), Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.
Taking equivalent motivation from hack ‘n slice prison crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers, it will drench you in a procedurally-produced dreamland brimming with invigorating fortune, destructive foes, and plentiful privileged insights.


Sundered is an astonishing battle for endurance and mental stability, a hand­drawn epic from the ​creators of ​Jotun. You play Eshe, a vagabond in a demolished world, caught in ever­changing sinkholes overflowing with eldritch abhorrences.
Saddle the force of defiled relics to overcome tremendous supervisors, at the expense of your humankind.”

The Unliving

Raise the dead as a fearsome Necromancer in obscurity universe of The Unliving! Lead your undead armed forces into the perpetual battle in this rebel light activity RPG game.
Consume urban communities to debris with destroying enchantment spells, kill epic managers and transform your foes into bleak workers.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Humanity raging the Demon King’s royal residence is the same old thing and has happened various occasions previously.
What recognizes this time is that the Adventurers picked to combine efforts with the Imperial Army and the ‘Saint of Caerleon’ to ultimately prevail in totally obliterating the Demon fortification. Aside from one skeleton named ‘Skul,’ every one of the devils in the palace were detained.

Children of Morta

Children of Morta are one of the year’s best shocks, and it ought to be on your radar. In light of the movement framework and unlockables, even a bombed 20-minute run will bring about significant development that will make the following run more straightforward.
Far superior, it’s inconceivable not to be excited by the Bergson family’s battle for endurance and solidarity notwithstanding an awful malicious. The expansion of two-player center is the good to beat all for this impeccably made game. Offspring of Morta is a stunning must-play regardless of how you play it.


In spite of the fact that Hades and Dead Cells might include diverse camera viewpoints, with one being 2D and the other 3D isometric, the two games follow a comparative design as far as movement.
In Hades, the interactivity is focused on hack and cut style battle, with the fundamental person Zagreus having the option to consolidate scuffle and went capacities to tear through adversaries.


Predestined is a quick and liquid 2D activity platformer loaded with amazing plunder and dazzling pixel craftsmanship.
Gather an armory of strong weapons and disentangle a convincing story of disappointment and scheme as you cut your direction through crowds of foes to save Calagan.

Salt and Sanctuary

In this stylized 2D activity RPG, you should investigate a startling, rebuffing island. Battle, similar to Dead Cells, requires exact avoids, quick assaults and counters, solid endurance the board, and salt-gathering.
Salt and Sanctuary is the result of an ideal marriage of Metroidvania and “spirits” highlights to make a stand-out, troublesome, and pleasant 2D experience that knows how to remunerate players’ capacities.

Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is a 2d realistic experience game consolidating puzzle platforming with experience game components. You play as Anne, the authority maintaining control in the Forgotton Realm, as she embarks to crush disobedience that may forestall her lord, Bonku, and herself from getting back to the human world.
The World of Forgotton Anne: Imagine where all that is lost and neglected goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Realm is a mystical world occupied by Forgotlings, animals made out of lost articles yearning to recall once more.

Hollow Knight

Assuming really love present day Metroidvanias, there’s a decent possibility you’ve effectively wandered into Hollow Knight’s dull and grim 2D world.
In it, you assume the job of a quiet blade using knight compelled to confront difficulties and perils a lot greater than himself as he investigates the risky realm of Hallownest. Like Dead Cells, the game mixes platforming challenges with requesting Soulslike battle that compels you to learn foe assault designs.

Sword of Necromancer

Sword of the Necromancer is a prison crawler activity RPG with Rogue-like components where you can resuscitate your crushed adversaries to make them battle close by you.
Transform your adversaries into partners utilizing the taboo powers of the Sword of the Necromancer and help Tama arrive at the prison’s profundities to acquire sufficient ability to bring Koko resurrected. Assemble a little multitude of beasts, furnish yourself with weapons and relics and level up to take on the watchmen that remain among you and your goal.

Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers is a turn based procedure RPG blend which makes them lead a hired fighter organization in a dirty, low-power, middle age dreamland. You choose where to go, whom to enlist or to battle, what agreements to take and how to prepare and prepare your men in a procedurally produced open world mission.
Do you have the stuff to lead them through bleeding fights and to triumph? The game comprises of a vital worldmap and a strategic battle layer. On the worldmap you can unreservedly make a trip to take gets that acquire you great coin, observe places worth plundering, foes worth seeking after or towns to resupply and recruit men at.

Moon Lighter

Moonlighter is a game that permits you to carry on with the existences of both a legend and a businessperson. You battle adversaries to acquire things in a prison, which you then, at that point, sell at your shop, permitting you to buy more grounded shield. The wonderful designs add to the experience, and the interactivity circle is amazing.
This presents itself in a danger reward game circle that, like Dead Cells, the two honors and rebuffs you for wandering further into every prison.


Vagante is a 2D activity platformer roguelike with permadeath mechanics and procedurally created levels suggestive of Dead Cells.
You assume the job of a daring globe-trotter involving a dull dreamland loaded up with beasts, evil spirits, and betraying evildoers every step of the way.Courageous by the difficulties in your way, you set off to investigate a puzzling cavern that lies past an unforgiving woods where an inconceivable fortune is reputed to be.


While the ongoing interaction has a strong circle that simplifies it to begin, it’s the vivid climate that snatches hold and keeps players snared for a very long time.
The characters’ personal difficulties sound accurate, and there are essential updates concerning how helpful the help of others can be. Dreamscaper might require more exertion than is needed to arrive at its right completion, however the general experience is with the end goal that it stays a high proposal for those searching for a Games Like Dead Cells .

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