If you are the fan of action games and play devil may cry and want to play like this then here is the list of games like devil may cry.

Best games like Devil May Cry

Rumors from far and wide suggest that 2000 years prior in the profundities of agony, an evil spirit defied Satan, pursuing a one-man battle on the side of the human world.
In the present, Dante, a private examiner of the extraordinary, understands that Satan is revitalizing to rise again against humankind. Profound inside Dante’s blood lies the force of antiquated devils and as his power fabricates he changes into an evil presence state where he can utilize his power against fiendish he experiences.
Beginning his fight against the evil armies with simply a sword and his twin guns, Ebony and Ivory, Dante will before long go over more remarkable weapons, for example, a shotgun to help him in his central goal.

Here is the list


Become charmed in Bayonetta an activity experience title that highlights extraordinary and ridiculous dream where you’ll battle holy messengers with crazy assault combos.
At the center Bayonetta means to make a third individual beat’em up style of ongoing interaction with a quick moving conveyance of battle and story that is tossed at players at high velocity.
For this experience ahead you’ll play as Bayonetta, a witch that utilizes a combination of guns, scuffle weapons and wizardry to battle against saintly foes while uncovering her own set of experiences after she rises from a long term rest.

Death Doors

The occupation gets vivacious when your alloted soul is taken and you should find a frantic hoodlum to a domain immaculate by death – where animals develop far past their expiry and flood with avarice and power.
Claw Sharp Combat: Utilize skirmish weapons, bolts and sorcery to beat a phenomenal cluster of monsters and diving beings.
A Beautifully Bleak World: Venture past the Doors and investigate a land brimming with curved occupants and innumerable mysteries, carrying desire to the peculiar and awesome characters you’ll meet en route.

God of War III

The game is the fifth passage in the fantastic series of God of War. The game happens in old Greece and spotlights on Greek Mythology.
The player can assume the job of the hero named Kratos, who is a previous god. The game puts the player on an epic experience to battle against divine beings, beasts, and Titans to track down Pandora.
The interactivity is comparative when contrasted with its past sections and in light of combo-based battle. Kratos furnishes with his principle weapons, like Exile and Blades, to butcher beasts and horrendous divine beings.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is an anime-driven science fiction activity RPG in which you play as an individual from a powerful team dispatched to battle malicious freaks that intend to attack and consume human cerebrums.
Players control one of two heroes, male or female, the two of which have psychokinetic abilities and use different weapons including blades and firearms.
Your personality can master new abilities through a cerebrum tree also, bringing about progressively absurd combos that look and feel similarly as fulfilling to pull off as any Devil May Cry game.


Bloodborne is a third-individual activity pretending game with qualities similar to those found in the Souls series of games, especially Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.
The player goes through a few regions in the bedraggled Gothic universe of Yharnam, confronting different enemies, including managers, gathering different kinds of products with numerous utilizations.
Collaborating with peculiar non-player characters, opening up alternate routes, and advancing through the primary story.

Astral Chain

Astral Chain is an activity experience game where the player expects the job of an investigator from the “Neuron” exceptional police team, who are entrusted with tackling.
Exploring the world, addressing non-playable characters and looking at proof yields signs and rationale confuses that become “drives” which further the examination process.
During the course of the game, the player will get to the “Astral Plane”- an inter dimensional region where they should navigate risky landscape, settle riddles, and fight adversaries, like that of customary computer game prisons.

Lord of the Fallen

Mankind served the malevolence and lived in dread until the uprising that constrained the Evil powers to dive deep down their dull domain.
Humankind rose again and lived by the most extreme and severe guidelines, Sins not excused and recovery not viewed as a choice to allow anybody to apologize for what he did.
Presently numerous ages later, the Lords of the Fallen are getting back with the powers of insidious and a broad dread is immersing everything indeed.

God Hand

God Hand is a religion PS2 activity title that was created by Clover Studio of Okami acclaim. Large numbers of similar individuals from Clover Studio proceeded to frame Platinum.
Games should give Devil May Cry fans a thought of God Hand’s family in the activity beat-em-up classification.
Likewise, Resident Evil 4’s Shinji Mikami and who needed to make a game where the person didn’t depend on weapons coordinated the game. The game’s characters and the activity take motivation from the Fist of the North Star manga and its stunning funny bone from JoJo’s Bizare Adventure.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition

This splendid Action and Hack and Slash game deal select new highlights, for example.
Another Difficulty Mode named as The Nightmare Mode that allows the players to kill the foes with a lot of explicit assaults like Dodge Burst, Headshots, and Adrenaline Burst.
With this multitude of new augmentations to the ongoing interaction, more abilities and authority in Tactics is required and that really makes the interactivity more habit-forming and engaging simultaneously.

Persona 5 strikers

This aligns it more with games like Devil May Cry, however with the particular Persona energy aficionados of the series have come to adore.
It includes continuous activity RPG battle that expands upon the mainline games while additionally filling in as an immediate continuation of the widely praised Persona 5.
Levels are loaded with hordes of grain adversaries and characters play out a plenitude of over-the-top, smart assaults that will feel recognizable to any DMC fan, especially those new off of Devil May Cry 5.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

The game is set in the year 1047 and recounts to the anecdote about the epic Alliance among Earth and Heaven that compromised by the strong and underhanded Lords of the Shadow.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow permits you to be the primary hero Gabriel Belmont a talented fighter who uses progressed abilities and up to 40 interesting Unlockable battling combos and his extraordinary blade battling capacities to kill the adversaries.
Your errand is to utilize every one of the weapons alongside optional ones like Knives, Holy Water, and Hammers and so forth to dispense with your foes.

Darksiders Genesis

In this Action RPG spin-off, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse Strife is called upon to save humanity from specific obliteration on account of Lucifer.
Consistent with its underlying foundations, Darksiders Genesis will include extreme battle, investigation, puzzle-tackling, epic supervisor fights and snake openings from paradise to hellfire.
The game denotes the principal, full-scale Darksiders experience played starting from the top point of view.

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