There is a list of similar games like Myst. If you like the myst gameplay and you want to play more like this then this list is for you.
Best Games Like Myst
Myst is a realistic experience puzzle game created by Cyan. Following the game’s astounding achievement, the designers delivered continuations, veer off games, and books.

In Myst, players are set in an intelligent world. Development executed through tapping on areas in the fundamental showcase. The strange and questionable ongoing interaction of Myst, particularly toward the start, is the way into its prosperity.

There is a little history and no goals plainly spread out, driving the players to investigate the game world and see the story gradually unfurl. The game additionally has a few endings, contingent upon the choices made by the player during the game.

Recommended games are

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes may be one of the most as of late delivered games on this rundown, be that as it may, it asks to be referenced because of its extraordinary time-bowing, confusing interactivity.
Twelve Minutes is a by and large riddle spine-chiller where you control a couple of pairs who should fight with odd conditions generally set inside their minuscule loft.
Since Twelve Minutes’ story and ongoing interaction intensely depend on circling time, you will tackle confounds straightforwardly connected with the past occasions that occurred.

The Lost City

The Lost City is an experience game created by Fire Maple Games. The illustrations are wonderful, submerging players into the game’s phenomenal world.
Motivated by exemplary point-and-snap experience games, The Lost City comprises a few mind-boggling puzzles that will challenge even the most in-your-face of experience game fans.
Players can likewise get to a diary that contains significant notes and hints you really want to finish future riddles.

The Room

Likely the most widely praised title in our rundown; The Room is basically an absolute necessity play, in any event, for the less in-your-face puzzle gamers.
Why it’s brimming with content, there’s a strong plot, the riddles are brilliant, the climate is excellent and sensational, and we relished each experience of it.
The Room happens in the steampunk-roused loft of a neglected house. Cast-iron safe weavers in the frontal area guarantee something wondrous and antiquated covered inside.

Dear Esther

Dear Esther is a heart-contacting game like Myst for Windows. You were entrusted with investigating a serious, desolate island in the ocean.
As you advance nearer to the coast, you go over a few letters introduced to Esther from her abandoned spouse. The letters uncover the historical backdrop of the sweethearts, including the difficulties they looked while living in a remote location and how they came to be detached from each other.
Dear Esther is something beyond a game; it is additionally an enrapturing story of adoration and seclusion, just as of human wretchedness, that is applicable to us all.


Obduction is a first individual riddle game in the vein of Myst and Riven, set in a probably new universe.
Denoting a victorious re-visitation of the class by Cyan Worlds, trailblazers of the class in it’s earliest stages. Obduction planned in Unreal Engine 4, and as per Cyan Worlds will make a re-visitation of the full movement video acted arrangements found in the early Myst series games.
“From Cyan, the independent studio that brought you Myst and Riven comes an entirely different experience that will turn into your reality.

Haven Moon

Like Myst, interactivity rotates around investigation, perception, tuning in, and customary critical thinking to advance and arrive at the story’s decision.
Also, Haven Moon’s riddles are incorporated straightforwardly into the climate and assume a part in the occasions of the story, which fixates on the last one standing.
Finally, each puzzle hopes to find some kind of harmony among challenge and openness with an end goal to give a loosening-up encounter that is more wonderful than requesting.

The secret of Monkey Islan

Myst was a long way from being the main fruitful realistic experience during the 90s, as the ten years was loaded with widely praised, adored point and snap experience games.
The Secret of Monkey Island has various contrasts to Myst, yet anybody needing to attempt more riddle games from the 90s ought to check the first Monkey Island out.
Albeit The Secret of Monkey Island has an incredible scope of precarious riddles, it’s the game’s humor sticks out – generally because of one of gaming’s most famous heroes, Guybrush Threepwood.

Rusty Lake Paradise

Corroded Lake Paradise is set on a little distant island in the eighteenth century.
After your mom died the island is by all accounts reviled with the 10 sicknesses. You must circumvent the island, associate with your family and assist them with vanquishing the plague.
The game offers foreboding circumstances and strange customs. Heaven expands upon the particular air and fervor from the Rusty Lake series. For the foundation illustrations, we worked together with a notable Dutch craftsman, Johan Scherft.


The game comprises a progression of riddles and entertaining puzzles. Every one of the riddles is connected by an overworld that includes the standard components of point and snap experience games.
What’s interesting with regards to Machinarium is that it has no discourse. To transfer clues and pieces of information to players, the game uses energized idea bubbles.
There is additionally a two-level clue framework. Players get a clue once per level. As the game advances, the clues become obscure, expanding the trouble of the riddles.

The eyes of ara

In it, you observe yourself to separate from everyone else on a distant island confronting the transcending structure which has lain lethargic for quite a long time until one day broadcasting a strange sign from the inside.
You set out to investigate its dismal lobbies just to experience a large group of mystery vaults, stowed away rooms, and elaborate riddles and buried fortune.
Like Myst, the game’s greatest story secret overcomes any barrier among science and the little known while permitting you to sort out the tales of the people who once called the palace home.

Full Throttle

The story heads down something else entirely as Grim Fandango, be that as it may, by revolving around a coarse biker posse.
Max speed frequently isn’t spoken comparably much as LucasArts’ other realistic experiences like Day of the Tentacle, The Secret of Monkey Island, and the previously mentioned Grim Fandango, however, it can absolutely measure up to their quality.
The game is just 4 hours in length; however, it packs a lot of important story minutes, exchanges, and riddles into that brief time frame.

Thimbleweed Park

Lost along a dusty stretch of the thruway, the town of Thimbleweed Park once flaunted a lavish inn, an energetic business area and the state’s biggest cushion industrial facility, yet presently it wavers on the edge of insensibility and keeps on existing for not an obvious genuine explanation.
It’s a town that causes you to tingle and your hair to stand on end. It’s a spot nobody at any point searches for, yet everybody appears to find.
Thimbleweed Park is the inquisitive story of two cleaned-up criminal investigators examining a dead body found in the stream right outside of town.

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