Are you a fan of extremely well-made Shovel Knight? If the answer is YES and you want to play other games like shovel knight then you are in the right place.

games like Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is a retro-style stage game where you play as a Knight whose essential weapon is a digging tool. It can either utilized to assault adversaries head-on, uncover fortune, or point underneath while leaping to bob on foes. You can get auxiliary things from a sales rep, concealed in many levels, that incorporate long-range shots, gloves that can punch through soil blocks, and a memento of power.

Here is a list of games like Shovel Knight:

Mighty Aphid

His renowned dad is maturing. His mom is biting the dust. What’s more his older sibling is on the moon.
So it is dependent upon Avery «Aphid» Cavor to stop the awful Lady Bug from destroying the town of Victoria with her crowd of beasts! Powerful Aphid by Cascadia Games — moment 2D works of art loaded up with hidden treats, statements and references from the well known platforming rounds of the past! You’ll need to run, shoot, swim, and fly.

Freedom Planet

Battle your direction across the heavenly universe of Avalice where felines are green, cruisers drive up dividers and beast young ladies do the majority of the buttkicking!
Opportunity Planet is a cartoony, battle based stage experience that pits a fiery dragonoid and her companions against an outsider assault power.


The game leaves you alone a Whip using swashbuckler named Lemeza who goes on an excursion to investigate the burial place of La-Mulana.
Puzzle settling and responding quick is the way to achievement in this heavenly game, so you should be mindful of the littlest subtleties to finish the goals. With an awesome climate, lovely 2D visuals, a drawing in game-play and every one of the extraordinary things consolidated, La-Mulana is an incredible game to play and appreciate.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a 2D maverick light with Dark Souls-motivated battle that spins around investigating procedurally-produced prisons looking for outlines that permit you to make better stuff.
In any case, observing these schematics is no simple assignment, on account of hordes of hard core adversaries that can be tracked down meandering the prison’s various levels. Following every demise, the game gets you right once again to the beginning, just with somewhat a greater number of assets than you had toward the start of your last run.

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Metroid is a progression of running, hopping and investigation games where you play abundance tracker Samus Aran who shields the world from the Space Pirates. It incorporates the platforming of a Mario game, yet the attention is more on battling foes, tracking down new hardware and accessing new regions. You start with negligible weapons and gradually gain these as you progress.
You battle a scope of various outsiders to get to new rooms and gain power-up updates. It’s hysterical activity now and again, however when the foes are dead the play changes to investigating and planning the room-based conditions. It’s a basic circle that is utilized to assemble strain and disclosure. With a premonition soundtrack and regularly dim visuals, you advance forward despite everything.

Super Mario Odyssey

Investigate mind blowing places a long way from the Mushroom Kingdom as you join Mario and his new partner Cappy on a monstrous, globe-jogging 3D experience.
Because of gallant, cap molded Cappy, Marios got new moves thatll make you reexamine his customary run-and-hop gameplay like cap hop, cap toes, and catch. Utilize caught associates like adversaries, articles, and creatures to advance through the game and uncover heaps of stowed away collectibles.


Owlboy is a fantastic game like shovel knight and give as much as shovel knight provide while playing.
Owlboy is a story-driven stage experience game, where you can fly and investigate a fresh out of the box new world in the mists! Get your companions, and carry them with you as you investigate the open skies, in one of the most itemized experiences of this time.

Rog and Roll

Rog and Roll is a running and bouncing game where you battle adversaries and stay away from traps. Bizarrely, you play a previous cohort on a mission to save his companions from reappearing oppression.
It highlights retro-enlivened designs and a comical story where characters realize they are in a computer game and should battle to try not to fall once more into cliché conduct. Play includes getting around holes and evading adversaries while overcoming enemies and gathering coins and privileged insights all through.

Narita Boy

The retro-modern pixel game Explore and battle in a retro-advanced world. Swim profound into an oneiric, beautiful and one of a kind encounter across layered planes.
The tasteful of the game was motivated by retro pixel experiences (Castlevania, Another World, Double Dragon) with a cutting edge touch (Superbrothers, Sword and Sorcery) and a 80s plot praise (Ready Player One, He-Man, The Last Starfighter), joined by the retro synth hint of the old magnificence days.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

The game drenches you into the most epic and magnificent setting where you’ll need to go through testing 10 levels and an incredibly high speed game-play by impacting away your foes with your firearm and your astonishing battling strategies.
Running and hopping is the great part in game since you’ll must be more mindful of the impediments and every one of the things established there to kill you. The Angry Video Game: Nerd Adventures offers a ton of playable characters, redesigns, enhancers alongside enormous measures of mysteries, and aplenty. With a brilliant setting.
The Angry Video Game: Nerd Adventures offers interestingly fabricated designs, a stunning game-play and significantly additional astonishing things.


S.O.N is an epic mental frightfulness game set in present day. You play as Robert Alderson looking for his missing child Jay who disappeared somewhere down in the Pennsylvania woodland, otherwise called South Of Nowhere.
In reality as we know it where dread assumes responsibility for everybody and your past is rarely eradicated. What fears and evil spirits will you face to get back your friends and family?

The Messenger

The Messenger sees you controlling a ninja who’s been entrusted with conveying an old look to the highest point of a mountain, with a variety of insidious beasts and traps hoping to hold you up.
In numerous ways, the game feels like an adoration letter to exemplary 2D side-scrollers like Ninja Gaiden, obvious by the choice to incorporate platforming moves like cloud-venturing. Join it with a blend of 8 and 16-bit illustrations, and you have the formula for an incredible current retro game.


Game like Shovel Knight, Celeste is a more story-driven experience that actually conveys as a difficult 2D platformer. The game is playing according to the point of view of Madeline, a young lady who is battling to adapt to her downturn.
Her excursion is addressed by a progression of platforming levels that present logically harder mechanics, the nearer you get to the mountain’s pinnacle. Like Shovel Knight, the game requests exact platforming moves in the event that you have any expectations of coming as far as possible.



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