Assuming honestly love the Superliminal and you’re searching for more comparable games to play, then, at that point, you’ll cherish this rundown of the relative multitude of best games like Superliminal.

games like superliminal

Nodding off at 3 AM, you ignore the messy business of Dr. Puncture’s fantasy treatment program. You awaken in a new climate, just to understand that you’re trapped in a fantasy – a fantasy where discernment is reality.
Welcome to Superliminal. Superliminal is a first-individual riddle game roused viewpoint and optical deceptions. Players tackle unimaginable riddles by breaking new ground and figuring out how to look for something incredible. This game highlights a magnificently curbed world, an intriguingly voiced account, and things that are truly odd.

Quern: Undying Thought

Quern is a first individual riddle experience with a dazzling story and excellent designs. Quern revives the class with adaptable ongoing interaction and reusable riddle mechanics.
The visuals and the music join customary and current components giving a novel mindset to the game. One of the specialties of Quern is that the errands to be settled are not overseen as discrete, individual and consecutive units, however as a perplexing substance, among which the players might meander and analyze unreservedly.

Genesis Noir

A noir experience crossing existence. You play as No Man, a watch vendor trapped in a circle of drama with other vast creatures, Miss Mass and Golden Boy.
At the point when your undertaking transforms into an unpleasant showdown, you will observer a gunfire discharged by a desirous god-also called The Big Bang. Hop into the growing universe and quest for a method for forestalling or annihilating creation and save your affection.


Terraria is a 2D activity experience sandbox game, where players make a person and assemble assets to step by step make more grounded weapons and protective layer.
Players make arbitrarily produced maps that hold various areas inside it, and by social occasion explicit assets and setting off unique occasions, players will battle one of the many in-game supervisors. Made characters can be played on various guides. Terraria have a wide range of Biomes and regions with unmistakable visuals, containing assets and adversaries interesting to this biome.


Rooms in Antichamber are basically white, however with striking sprinkles of shading to demonstrate significant regions or give pieces of information regarding what apparatus is helpful for a given region.
The game’s riddles utilize stowed away paths/walkways, fundamental bouncing areas, and article control. The majority of the baffling is finished with little hued shapes and one of four block “weapons” that the player gathers during play. Each weapon replaces the past one, and adds to the player’s capacity to control the little squares in the climate. The player should likewise explore the labyrinth-like guide, which incorporates shock twist focuses and space-bowing associations between rooms.

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle gives you a role as an android whose been called upon by their maker to settle a progression of 120+ progressively complex riddles.
The game draws motivation from other riddle games, for example, Portal to make a feeling of commonality that additionally supplemented by its philosophical account. While Talos’ story isn’t as entertaining or cunningly composed as Portal’s, without you’re to simply zero in on the actual riddles and disregard all the encompassing pieces of information and secrets.

Recursive Ruin

Recursive Ruin is a vivid story puzzle game. Investigate a vastly fractal universe of abnormal excellence and brain bowing physical science.
Occupy a down-and-out craftsman looking for importance and experience a self-contradicting story that falls into the dreamlike.

Portal (series)

You are in a science lab where you are apparently tried. Watched by the computerized reasoning GLaDOS, you have a firearm that can make a couple of enchantment entryways on any surface.
Through a progression of progressively shrewd (and vindictive) test loads, you should utilize your weapon to get away. It’s a psyche twisting test, yet the genuine interest is the obscuring tone of GLaDOS, who appears to be set on thwarting your advancement, and the indications of past guineas pigs spotted in the background. As GLaDOS’s brokenness goes to straight-up sociopathy, you should take on difficulties with her torturing demoralization ringing in your ears. The separation increased by the presentation of an inert buddy shape, which taunts your forlorn dilemma.

Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities a Survival and Strategy City Builder PC game through the ages, emphatically centered around history and authenticity. At present created by Uncasual Games.

Beginning in the Neolithic time, you should direct your kin through ages, finding and further developing advancements, overseeing assets and populace, confronting dangers from thieves and Mother Nature herself. Also, at last assembling the most awesome city of ancient history through the ages in a completely reenacted world and environment.

The Sojourn

The Sojourn is an interesting first-individual riddle game in which you navigate the equal universes of light and murkiness looking for replies.
An exemplary tale about light and murkiness You are naturally introduced to a lovely, unadulterated land, however everything isn’t as it appears. Obscurity leaks through each fissure and structures the reinforcement of the world you live in. Wake you up to the shadows of the world to reveal the secret truth.

Ibb & Obb

The other center riddle game we’ll suggest is Ibb and Obb, an independent riddle platformer that sees two players controlling green and pink animals named Ibb and Obb.
A level line that influences gravity’s conduct contingent upon where a person is standing separates the world they possess. As you can envision, this prompts some interesting riddle plans that will have you and your accomplice racking your heads to attempt to address.

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