Games have been a prominent part of entertainment. The extraordinary success of video games is proof of it. That’s how we’ve got gaming podcasts, a broad term for all the videos made about games to be categorized. A lot of games can be played while listening to these podcasts. The more success video games have, podcasts are following and riding on it. Currently, there are so many different ones that it’s hard to choose. For example, spelunky 2, OverWatch, etc. Yet, we’ve made a list of some good video game podcasts that include:

  • Spawn on MeIt is hosted by Khalief Adams. It is focused on everyone, from streamers to developers. This podcast even invites some hosts for gaming to make things interesting. Interviews are done with different people from the gaming industry and those who matter something and have a broad knowledge. One of the significant topics of discussion is the competition going on in the gaming industry and how it could affect future gaming trends.
  • Axe Of the blood God: It is basically a role-playing podcast. It is hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. They are both old game journalists as well as RPG experts. The discussion topics change every time, bringing something new and exciting from the gaming world that not everyone knows.
  • Giant Bombcast: It is a podcast of Giant Bombs that is based on news, reviews, commentary, and interviews. It was listed in the top 50 by The Times. Jeff Gerstmann created the podcast basically as a weekly podcast released every Tuesday, bringing the juiciest topics from the previous week.


  • Triple Click: A podcast by Maximum Fun. It is one of the newest yet best podcasts created in 2020. The hosts’ experience and their analytical skills for games make it much more interesting and informative for listeners. If you’re looking for some game analysis along with good puns, you must listen to this one.
  • How Did This Get PlayedLooking forward to an exciting release of the game, How Did This Get Played focuses on the most unusual and the worst games ever. Clever, intelligent, and perhaps deliberately controversial in some of their choices in the story (Deadmon Premonition is very surprising). Rather than just being fun, Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger keep their analysis unusually arrogant and entertaining.
  • GI Podcast: Belonging to, the GI Podcast is actually a podcast for those working in the video game industry. The show still offers a thoughtful, intelligent, and surprisingly accessible guide to the world behind video games. It’s useful for those working in this world and out of it, if you have even the slightest interest in how your game was made and why. If you want to keep up with the styles that make up the games you play, this is another signup.
  • Spawn Point: Introduced as a ‘video game for tired people,’ Spawn Point comes from The Guardian game editor Keza MacDonald. This podcast mainly focuses on the ups and downs of combining family life with video games. The release process is a bit slow, but it is always bright, different, and worth listening to, whether or not you have given birth to your future players. It claims to be for young gamers, by gamers. 


  • RetronautsThis is a podcast hosted by Bob Mackey and Jeremy Parish. One of the Americans’ favorite gaming podcasts is appreciated and liked mainly by an older audience. The Retronauts focuses on the games from the past, giving us careful analysis and healthy speech. It’s a wonderful and engaging podcast if you want to hear about past releases or immerse yourself in pleasant relaxation. It is also precious as a way to understand the broader history of video games, as well as the past role it has played in the media building today.
  • The Polygon Show: It provides listeners with weekly news about what is happening in the world of the gaming industry and what games have been played recently. The podcast is famous for its interesting talk about what’s going on, what we should expect from the gaming world, and its fun environment.
  •  CheckpointsOne of the best gaming podcasts about the history of games. Each week the guest has to talk about their own experiences while playing video games, including favorites and worst games they played. If you want to hear some live gaming, this podcast is the best for you.

Of course, all of these podcasts are subjective and preferable by the author. That’s why we would like to know your preferences and which podcast puts a smile on your face!

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