Elden Ring is the latest game from FromSoftware, and after tons of anticipation, it has lived up to all the hype. If you are playing the game on PC, you can either use the keyboard or controllers depending on what you prefer. Since most players are familiar with playing on a controller, this guide will answer the question “can you play Elden Ring with a Switch controller?”

Yes, you can play Elden Ring on a PC with a Switch controller. However, you cannot play using the Joy-Cons. You need to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play Elden Ring.

If you want to know how to connect your Pro Controller to your PC and what the button prompts are, continue reading to find out! With that said, let’s dive right in and find out if you can play Elden Ring with a Switch controller or not.

Connecting the Switch Pro Controller

Elden Ring

First things first, you need to connect the controller to your PC. The best part is that you do not have to go through a lot of hassle to connect it. All you need to do is to connect the Pro Controller cable (or any alternate USB-C data cable) to your controller and PC. After a while, your PC will automatically set up the controller and it will be ready to use. You can also connect it to your PC wirelessly via Bluetooth if your computer supports it. 

Once you have connected your controller, you will need to do a few steps in Steam if you want to use the Pro Controller. If you simply start Elden Ring via Steam, the game will not recognize your controller. To use it properly, you must start Steam in the Big Picture mode and then launch Elden Ring. For some reason, this method works and the game will detect your Switch Pro Controller. 

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What Are the Buttons

Elden Ring

Now that you have connected the controller to your PC, it is time to find out if the button prompts are the same as a PlayStation or Xbox controller. The good news is that the keys are exactly the same as those controllers. While you can change the button inputs, we suggest that you keep them as they are. 

Plus, since the game does not require trigger buttons, the ZL and ZR keys work perfectly. Since the Switch Pro Controller does not have triggers, you won’t have any issues parrying or doing the heavy attack. 

Also, while there isn’t any input lag usually, you might notice it after playing the game for a longer duration. It is unknown why this issue happens but it isn’t that common so you might not face it at all. In any case, if you are used to the Switch Pro Controller, following this guide will allow you to use it while playing FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. 

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