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Dragon Ball Fighter Z has been a celebration of the Dragon Ball universe for years. It completely surrounds the franchise with its shiny, top-notch style. Behind this stylish screen is a technically complex fighting game that is very rewarding to play and master.

The large roster of  fighters makes it even more appealing to fans of dragon ball and fighting games.

Below is a level list that will help you better understand who are the best fighters in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Keep in mind that, as a technical fighting game, Dragon Ball Fighter Z still relies heavily on players’ skills as a measure of success.

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S-Tier dbfz

Those are currently the strongest fighters in the game.

Fighter Description
Bardock Thanks to his dominance in the neutral game, Bardock is the best fighter overall. When winning in the middle of the stage (which is often the case), Bardock can immediately put pressure on the opponent by combining near and far attacks. What makes Bardock even higher is its accessibility. You can be a beginner or a seasoned veteran and you can still win some matches with him.
Ultra Instinct Goku UI Goku, as he is known in the community, is an excellent defensive fighter who uses strategic counters to wreak havoc. He has a high level of neutral play which puts some strong pressure on the corner.

UI Goku is chosen as the meta breaker in most competitive battles because it matches well with most advanced fighters. Under the hands of a skilled player, UI Goku competes with Bardock as the top fighter in the game.

GT Goku Mobility and versatility are GT Goku’s calling cards. With the smallest hit box in the game and a variety of jumps and sharp attacks, playing against it can be a nightmare. If you’re not using it as your centerpiece, you’ll be glad to know that it also has the best support moves.
Cell The cell has a well-rounded toolkit that you can use for a variety of scenarios. It has great mix-ups that compliment equally good frame data. However, his neutral play leaves much to be desired. You just need to be more discriminating with the assistance you render toward people . Once you put your opponent in the corner, the cell is really destructive.
Kid Buu Kid Buu specializes in intimidating his opponent with aggressive combos that increase the pressure. It has a small hit box, solid mix-up, and surprisingly good neutral play. Its low-loss output can hurt some people, but it won’t matter if you can get over its combo.



A-Tier - dragon ball list

Powerful fighters that perform for most situations. They have better match-ups than the rest of the cast. They have obvious weaknesses that prevent them from being at the top, but they are still solid choices for any match.


Fighter Description
Adult Gohan The most unique mechanic in the game – potentially revealed, the adult Gohan is a fighter who requires a lot of skill from the player. It will be rewarding to try to master it because of its high solo damp output, which partners with fast attacks in different ranges. It’s a bit of a gamble because you have to “level up” in a match, but once you get better at controlling it, it won’t be difficult.
Teen Gohan Gohan (teen), a proud fighter of the Sai lineage, is a superior fighter in the game. Its speed, combo and overall strength are the best in the class. He comes very on the brink of defeating Goku (SS), and handily , he’s an excellent fighter you ought to learn to master the sport
Base Vegeta Unlike its Super Saiyan version, this vegeta specializes in aggression to open up to massive combos. He’s got a good deal of damage done with a great neutral play. Its mix-ups are also great, which is why there is little room for creativity in how a player wants to handle a fight. Keep in mind that it is harder to master than most fighters of this level.
Android 21 Android 21 requires a broad understanding of the game and all fighters. His ability to steal greatly enhances his abilities because copied abilities are better than the original. Beyond that, Android 21 has a great neutral game, great mix-ups and a strong long-range game. If you are planning to master the Android 21 toolkit, be prepared for a long time. The good news is that practice will eventually pay off.
Vegeta Vegeta Super saiyan Form is one of the most fundamentally strong fighters in the game. He has a good offense and a good defense, so you can play him safely while feeling your opponent out. Because he is good at everything, vegetables are left behind by sports experts.
Gotenks Like Vegeto, Gotenks likes to annoy opponents with its fast and very long scroll layout. It has all the tools to put pressure on an opponent when it gains momentum. You may find it strange to play it at first because of its tricks and hitboxes, but it feels better to play because once you have a few hours.
Vegeto Goku’s direct rival, who flows with power and competes with a dangerous face in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Vegeto is the perfect counter for players who like to beat Goku (SS) in the game. Its combo and overall strength is at the top, and it’s also relatively easy to master the fighter.



These fighters are good, but they don’t have the qualities to shine like everyone else. You will succeed even after mastering them, but it will not be as easy as S or A level fighters.

Fighter Description
Gogeta Gogeta has powerful combos, good mix ups and a great neutral game. Why was it not kept high? Well, that’s because of the awesome frame data that forces players to move a lot. Since his recovery is poor, Gogeta is definitely pressured, especially the more aggressive fighters within the roster.
Videl There are only a handful of players who value Videl, and that’s understandable. Its flawed damage and defensive powers are a license to intimidate opponents. videl frees herself by becoming the queen of mix-ups. On top of being unpredictable, Weddell is often not picked up, which leads to success if your opponent does not know how to play with his weaknesses.
Trunks Trunks is a mobile character with good gap closures and a variety of mix-ups. He is sensitive to start scrolling and punishing because his moves take a long time to heal.
Goku Super Sayan Goku is a round fighter who is solid on all fronts. Again, Dragon Ball Fighter Z contains meta-high experts, so Goku is usually reserved for beginners. It has a nice scroll that is easy to follow but doesn’t allow a lot of mixing.
Android 16 Android 16 players need to spend a lot of time practicing if they want to master it. He is one of the few troublemakers in the game and he does his job well. The problem is that you have to be aware of the most advanced techniques to make the most of its damage.
Goku Black Goku Blak’s early friendly action set enhances his practicality as a fighter. It has a solid neutral game that adjusts well when an opponent pins or pinches in the corner. Its scroll structure may be basic, but it works.
Goku(SSGSS) Commonly known as “Blue Goku” in the community, this fighter has airtight frame data, which makes him very happy to play. To complete his quick moves, he can scroll well from medium to close, so there’s plenty of room for your opponent to catch the guard. The downside of all its narrow frames is that you have to hang its combs completely to do more damage.


C-Tier dbfz

Fighters of this level are pedestrians according to the standard of the game. Prepare to spend more time practicing to show off your skills against other fighters who leave them behind.

Fighter Description
Piccolo Piccolo is there with roster tricks. This combination can be a nightmare for opponents, which gives them many opportunities to move forward. As good as he is in the mix, he is notorious for neutral play, which makes it easier to compete, especially during the early game. His tricks are also full of resources, often using a meter to wire some combos.
Fused Zamasu Fused Zamasu ability to fly freely throughout the match makes him one of the game’s most mobile fighters. This movement adjusts its best scroll order to push the opponent into the corner. Despite this, Zamasu still lacks a good neutral game to gain the upper hand in close combat
Super Broly You can play Super Broly as either a rushdown fighter or a grappler. Regardless of which you select , you’ll got to utilize his close combat efficiency to deal massive damage. While he features a high damage output, Super Broly suffers from the shortage of mix-ups and bad frame data.
Kefla Kefla is a good zoner in a game that doesn’t reward zoners much. It has the best frame data and zoning tools to keep the opponent away. As a result, it has a good neutral game. The worst part of this game is defense.
Tien You get what you see with Tien, to make him one of the easiest fighters to play. Its best attribute comes from the ability to remove crazy damage with super and mix-ups. Unfortunately,  it’s a poor neutral game and lacks defensive powers.
Hit Killer Hit is one of the best neutral stages of the game because of an unconventional move set and tremendous range. It’s hard to play because of its unique mechanics, so keep that in mind if you want to make it important. You also need to deal with the fact that the hit has barely any air weapons, so you need to rely on its ground combos at all times.



Fighters who are rarely selected in competitive matches because they have obvious flaws that disable the player.

Fighter Description
Yamcha Yamcha never seems to be more important than a decent team composition. He is fast and can eliminate opponents, but all this has happened as a result of his short distance and resourceful move.
Cooler Unlike his brother Frieza, Cooler relies on his neutral play and corner pressure to beat his opponents. He has a very good defense according to his size but he can be very slow against most of the rosters.
Frieza Another zoner, Frieza is a long way from harassing opponents. Skilled players can easily find a way around their boundaries, so they often lose matches.
Majin Buu When Majin Buu sets up his combo perfectly, he can become a damage-dealing monster. It has healing properties, which can be used in a nutshell. He is a dangerous fighter to use because of his unconventional move set.



These are the worst meta fighters right now. Use them only if the characters have a special place in your heart or if you just want to improve your skills.

Fighter Description
Android 17 Android 17 needs to be constantly threatened. He has a good meter construction with his combos and good assistants, but he struggles on his own.
Krillin Keillin is a zoner with a small hit box. He can heal himself or his companions in an infinite number, which can be really disturbing. There is not much to write home about other features of krillin.
Nappa Nappa has a lot of tricks that work well in its mix-ups. He has good losses, but he often finds himself under enemy pressure due to his speed and poor defense.

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