Destiny Child is a game that involves fights by means of cards. Indeed, a card gathering game where you can run over various new advantageous characters and simultaneously some most exceedingly awful ones too. Simply, a probabilistic game it is. In easier terms, you will gather “Youngsters” through cards and use them against your foes (multiplayer).

Destiny Child Tier List

The immense program of units accessible and the even ongoing interaction mechanics make collecting the best group to accommodate your play style feel extremely fulfilling. Be that as it may, with this mind-boggling number of units just as every one of the varieties to the game’s Meta comes to a predicament.

This tier list rundown will direct you on which units are awesome for PvE play. While each level records are dynamic, you’ll see that an overall perspective on the Destiny Child game’s current Meta will assist you with gathering your crew.

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Destiny Child Tier List


Unit Role
Mona Tank
Maat Healer
Chang’e Attacker
Dana Tank
Bathory Debuffer
Eve Attacker


Unit Role
Krampus Attacker
Pantheon Support
Olga Debuffer
Syrinx Healer
Noel Attacker
Neptune Support
Mars Tank
Thanatos Attacker



Unit Role
Leda Support
Snow Miku Support
Durandal Support
Naias Support
Aria Support
Mafdet Attacker
Cleopatra Attacker
Siren Attacker
Khepri Attacker
Medb Attacker
Nicole Attacker
Abaddon Attacker
Serval Attacker
Ailill Attacker
Jacheongbi Attacker
Rita Debuffer
Jupitar Debuffer


Unit Role
Makoto Healer
Astraea Healer
Kasumi Attacker
Myrina Support
Cube Moa Debuffer
Daoine Sidhe Tank
Diablo Tank
Nine Debuffer
Marie Rose Tank
Bari Attacker
Hestia Attacker
Elizabeth Attacker
Frej Attacker
Eshu Tank
Saturn Attacker


Unit Role
Venus Attacker
Student Eve Debuffer
Hatsune Miku Support
Metis Healer
Midas Debuffer
Bikini Lisa Support
Sytry Support
School Swimsuit Davi Support
Rin Healer
Catherine Tank
Morgan Attacker
Lan Fei Debuffer
Honoka Healer
Brigid Tank
Hades Tank
Epona Support


Unit Role
Maou Davi Attacker
Sunbeach Mona Debuffer
Nirrti Debuffer
Aurora Healer
Hera Tank
Red Cross Tank
Two sided mona Tank
Rusalka Healer
Thetis Debuffer
Fennec Support

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