As we explore the sprawling and intricate world of Elden Ring, one question frequently echoes among the gaming community: how long to beat Elden Ring? For enthusiasts venturing into this meticulously crafted universe, understanding the time commitment necessary to complete the central narrative versus embarking on a journey toward complete mastery is essential. Through collective insights – ranging from official game guides to seasoned player experiences – we aim to provide an accurate depiction of how long does it take to beat Elden Ring, whether you’re charging through the main story or leaving no stone unturned.

Our discussion delves into pertinent data sourced directly from player-shared logs, official releases by FromSoftware, and comprehensive game guides. We strive to set realistic timelines for both newcomers eager to immerse in the narrative and veterans dedicated to claiming every secret Elden Ring conceals. If conquering the Lands Between is your quest, understanding Elden Ring how long to beat becomes part of the strategy to navigate its vast and enigmatic terrain.

Key Takeaways

  • Grasp the expected duration to complete Elden Ring’s main story and full completion.
  • Insights from various sources set tangible expectations for different playstyles.
  • Comprehensive time investment estimates align with both casual and hardcore gamers.
  • A deeper look into how gameplay choices impact overall completion times.
  • Understanding the breadth of Elden Ring’s content beyond the primary quest.

Embarking on the Journey: Understanding Elden Ring’s Scope

As we delve into the vast world of the Lands Between, it’s essential to grasp the sheer magnitude of adventure that awaits players. From the undulating hills of Limgrave to the highest peaks of the Mountaintops of the Giants, the question on every wanderer’s mind is: how long does Elden Ring take to beat? While some may journey through the main storyline in brisk succession, others might find themselves spending well over a hundred hours in Elden Ring, immersed in exploration, combat, and legacy dungeon delves.

Assessing what it means to ‘complete’ this sprawling epic is as much about personal play style as it is about the game’s inherent challenges. Does victory signify defeating the final boss, or does it encompass mastering every secret and side quest plastered across the game’s myriad maps?

Here we outline a framework for understanding the game’s breadth:

  • **The Main Narrative:** For players focused on the core storyline, Elden Ring presents a substantial but manageable quest.
  • **Open-World Exploration:** Venturing off the beaten path could easily double or triple your journey’s duration, revealing the importance of the query: how many hours is Elden Ring really if you see and do everything?
  • **Completionist Goals:** Those seeking to leave no stone unturned in the Lands Between will find the answer to how long does Elden Ring take to beat extends considerably when chasing 100% game completion.

We’ve gathered data from across the gaming community to provide a clearer picture of the time commitment Elden Ring demands:

Completion Type Average Hours Range
Main Storyline Only 50 hours 30-70 hours
Main Story + Side Content 100 hours 70-150 hours
Full Completion 150+ hours 100-200+ hours

Every player’s expedition will vary, dictated by their personal pace, the complexity of challenges faced, and strategies employed. Utilizing both insights from the creators, FromSoftware, and anecdotal evidence from passionate players, we aim to provide a compass to navigate these questions, giving you a prepared introduction to the journey ahead.

How Long is Elden Ring: Main Story Commitment

As we delve into the captivating universe of Elden Ring, one of the most frequent questions from players is, “how many hours to beat Elden Ring’s main story?” The answer isn’t straightforward, as the journey through the Lands Between can vary significantly. Let’s explore what factors contribute to the main story completion time and see how Elden Ring stacks up against its predecessors in terms of gameplay duration.

Factors Affecting Main Story Completion Time

Several variables play into how long it takes to finish Elden Ring’s core narrative. First and foremost, your playstyle is a significant determinant; whether you charge through focusing solely on critical path objectives or linger to absorb every sight and sound will result in vastly different experience lengths. Additionally, your skill level and familiarity with action RPGs, particularly those from FromSoftware, can influence how quickly you progress. There’s also the choice of engaging with side quests and world exploration that, while optional, can add considerable depth and hours to your adventure.

Comparing Elden Ring to Other FromSoftware Titles

When stacked against other games by the same developer, Elden Ring offers an expansive and less linear experience. Previous FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne offered players a chance to delve deep into their complex worlds, but Elden Ring’s open-ended structure takes this to a new level, which in turn affects completion time. This table below illustrates how Elden Ring’s main story commitment compares to these other titles.

Game Average Main Story Hours Gameplay World Structure
Elden Ring 49 hours Open-world
Dark Souls III 32 hours Interconnected levels
Bloodborne 34 hours Interconnected levels

Average Completion Times Reported by Players

According to collective player logs and reports, the average time to beat Elden Ring’s main story is approximately 49 hours. However, this figure is a broad average; some players have completed the main narrative in less time, while others have taken well over 60 hours. Your mileage may vary, and it’s clear that Elden Ring provides ample room for a tailored experience fitting your personal style and pace.

Elden Ring’s Expansive World: What Defines Full Completion?

When embarking on the epic quest that is Elden Ring, many adventurers wonder, “how long does it take to complete Elden Ring” to its fullest extent. For those intrepid souls who seek to master every challenge and uncover all secrets, the journey will be both arduous and exhilarating. Our comprehensive guide elucidates the full scale of what “complete” truly means in the context of the Lands Between.

full completion of Elden Ring

Exploring Every Nook and Cranny

In a world as vast and intricate as that of Elden Ring, exploration goes far beyond the beaten path. Players must traverse perilous dungeons, ascend to the highest peaks, and delve into the deepest caves to truly claim the title of an Elden Ring completionist.

Completing All Quests and Challenges

More than just the main narrative, Elden Ring is rich with a tapestry of quests and side challenges that require both skill and dedication to surmount. Completing this myriad of tasks is essential for those who aim to fully conquer the game.

Achievements and Trophies: The Hunt for 100%

For those who gauge achievement through tangible accolades, Elden Ring offers a bountiful array of trophies and achievements. Reaching 100% is a testament to a player’s perseverance and prowess in facing every conceivable trial this game has to offer.

  • **Average Time for Exploration:** Exploration is not just a measure of distance covered, but the experiences along the way. Expect to spend tens of hours seeking the land’s intricacies and hidden gems.
  • **Quest and Challenge Completion:** Tasked with difficult puzzles and daring combat, players can anticipate an investment of additional dozens of hours perfecting their journey.
  • **Achievements and Trophies:** For those who collect every possible accolade, an extensive amount of time is necessary, potentially reaching well beyond the hundred-hour mark.
Completion Component Average Time Spent Completion Percentage
Main Story 30-50 hours Essential Completion
Side Quests 50-80 hours Comprehensive Completion
Exploration 100+ hours Exhaustive Completion
Achievements/Trophies Varies significantly Ultimate Completion

For players pondering “how many hours does it take to beat Elden Ring,” the prophecy is clear: total dominion of Elden Ring’s world hinges on the sum of these engagements. Arm yourself with knowledge, and each step taken in the Lands Between will be treasured, as the mantle of completion draws ever closer.

Tactical Approaches to Shorten Gameplay Duration

As avid fans and seasoned players of Elden Ring, we understand the commitment required to traverse the Lands Between. Still, for those wondering “how long is Elden Ring?” when looking for a more streamlined experience, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge that can help you reduce hours off your gameplay. These strategies do not undermine the essence of the game but allow you to experience the thrill of the journey in a more time-efficient manner.

Optimize Your Route: The beauty of Elden Ring’s open world is that you can strategize your path. By focusing on critical objectives and utilizing the map knowledge that speedrunners and experts share, you can save valuable time previously spent on exploration and trial and error.

Use Game Mechanics to Your Advantage: Understanding the game’s combat mechanics deeply can turn lengthy encounters into quick victories. Master dodging, parrying, and the utilization of powerful builds to become an efficient Elden champion.

  1. Learn Enemy Patterns: All beings in the game, including bosses, have a set of patterns. Memorizing these can cut down on defeat-recovery cycles.
  2. Exploit Weaknesses: Different weapons and magic have varied effects on foes. Find the most potent combination for your playstyle.
  3. Upgrade Wisely: Concentrate your resources where they count. Select upgrades that best fit your chosen approach to fights and obstacles.

Study Speedrun Techniques: The speedrunning community is an invaluable resource. Watch runs and read through guides to understand the various shortcuts and sequence breaks that could greatly accelerate your progress without missing out on crucial plot points and rewarding battles.

  • Quick Movement: Learn how to move through areas swiftly, using jumps and rolls to bypass enemies or terrain.
  • Glitch Exploitation: While not for everyone, some players may choose to use benign sequence breaks to pace the game faster.

Elden Ring doesn’t have to be the titan of time commitment as some may fear. With our expertise and the shared knowledge of the gaming community, the question of “how long is Elden Ring” becomes one of versatility, fitting both the marathon runners and the sprinters within the world of gaming enthusiasts.

How Many Hours is Elden Ring: Full Completion Estimates

As ardent fans of Elden Ring, we have delved deeply into what it takes to not simply ‘beat’ the game but to thoroughly complete it. For those wondering how long does it take to beat Elden Ring when seeking full completion, the answer is intricate. It includes the pursuit of all collectibles, the unraveling of hidden secrets, and the conquest of every side quest. Below, we’ve laid out a comprehensive guide that charts the journey from casual gaming to a completist’s quest, and an estimate for those who thrive on mastery.

The Grind: Collectibles and Hidden Secrets

The first component of a full playthrough involves the acquisition of collectibles and secrets scattered throughout the vast lands. This laborious yet satisfying grind demands perseverance and a keen eye. Indeed, elden ring how long to beat hinges significantly on these discoveries that beckon every corner of the map.

How Side Quests Prolong the Elden Ring Experience

Aside from the primary narrative, Elden Ring is enriched with myriad side quests that contribute substantial depth to gameplay. Completing these can significantly extend your hours immersed in the game, offering an intricate web of narratives that complement the main story.

From Casual Play to Completionist: A Timeframe Guide

To cater to the broad spectrum of players, here’s our timeframe guide based on a compilation of sources from completionist game trackers to RPG forum discussions:

Play Style Estimated Hours
Casual Play 50-70 hours
Main Story + Side Quests 80-100 hours
Completionist (All Achievements) 120-150 hours

Whether you are traversing the lands at a leisurely pace or delving into every challenge with rigor, our guide will inform your quest on how long does it take to beat Elden Ring. Remember that these numbers can vary based on personal play style and in-game decisions, but they provide a general map of the time investment required for full completion.

Elden Ring Community Insights: Sharing Personal Timelines

As we delve deeper into the question of “how long to beat Elden Ring,” we’ve turned to the most authentic source available—the Elden Ring community itself. Through a meticulous gathering of personal accounts from forums and vibrant discussions on social media platforms, we’ve discovered an extraordinary range of experiences. These player-submitted timelines are more than just numbers; they embody the dedication and diverse playstyles that bring the Lands Between to life in countless ways. Our investigation reveals a rich tapestry of gameplay lengths, showcasing the remarkable variability inherent in this masterpiece of a game.

Gleaning through real-world data, we’ve observed that answering “how many hours to beat elden ring” is not a one-size-fits-all response. For some, a focused march through the main story sufficed, wrapped up in roughly a couple of dozen hours. For others, the ambition to leave no stone unturned translated into an odyssey lasting well over a hundred hours. These personal timelines also reflect the game’s depth; where some found swift progression, others reveled in the complexity of every challenge, proving the game’s capacity to adapt to a multitude of gaming appetites.

Our commitment to providing a definitive guide on Erelden Ring’s completion times necessitates acknowledging these community-shared experiences. These insights do not just answer “how long to beat Elden Ring” in a quantitative sense, but also illustrate the game’s expansive and engaging nature. By laying out these varied timelines, we aim to offer fellow gamers benchmarks that resonate with their approach to playing Elden Ring—whether they be speedrunners or methodical explorers. It is this shared knowledge that enriches our collective understanding of the game and fortifies our bond as a community.


How long does it typically take to beat the main story of Elden Ring?

Beating the main story of Elden Ring can vary significantly from player to player, but on average, it tends to be around 30 to 50 hours. The diversity in playstyles and player skill levels can influence this duration.

What factors contribute to the time it takes to complete Elden Ring?

Factors like player experience with similar games, engagement with side content, exploration depth, and whether a player focuses on the main quests or takes on additional challenges all affect completion time.

Is the Elden Ring experience extensive beyond the main story?

Absolutely. Elden Ring offers a vast world filled with secrets, side quests, and additional challenges that can significantly extend gameplay, especially for those aiming for complete world exploration and 100% achievements.

How does the completion time of Elden Ring compare to other FromSoftware titles?

Elden Ring’s completion time is comparable to, if not larger than, other FromSoftware titles due to its expansive open-world and numerous side activities. However, it shares the intricate design and depth that fans expect from the developer.

Can tactical approaches shorten the gameplay duration in Elden Ring?

Yes, strategic gameplay, focusing on core quests, and utilizing speedrunning tactics can shorten the time required to progress through the game while still enjoying its narrative and combat.

For players focused on full completion, how many hours might they expect to invest in Elden Ring?

Players who are completionists and seek to find every collectible, complete every quest, and unlock all achievements may spend upwards of 100 to 150 hours or more, depending on the thoroughness of their exploration and approach to the game’s challenges.

How do side quests affect the duration of the Elden Ring experience?

Side quests in Elden Ring can add substantial depth and length to the game, offering extended narratives, additional rewards, and more hours of gameplay. Engaging with these can significantly prolong the time spent in the Lands Between.

What is the scope of Elden Ring’s world?

Elden Ring boasts a massive open-world environment known as the Lands Between, filled with a variety of landscapes, complex dungeons, and formidable enemies that contribute to a rich and extensive gameplay experience.

What does ‘completion’ mean in the context of Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, ‘completion’ can range from just finishing the main story to achieving 100% game completion which includes exploring all areas, completing all side quests, defeating every boss, and acquiring all collectibles and achievements.

What community resources are available for sharing and comparing gameplay timelines?

The Elden Ring community is active on forums, social media platforms, and gaming events where players share experiences and timelines. These diverse sources provide valuable benchmarks and insights into how long it might take to beat the game.

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