Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering the art of two-hand wielding in the atmospheric world of Elden Ring. As we journey through the Lands Between, we know the significance of having an edge in combat. Understanding how to 2 hand in Elden Ring is a game-changer for any player aiming to deal more damage and access unique weapon skills. We’re here to divulge the secrets of this powerful technique and ensure you have the necessary knowledge to wield your weapons with confidence and finesse.

Elden Ring has infused its gameplay with depth and variety, catering to diverse playing styles. Using both hands to control a single weapon is a tactic every skillful player should learn. It can dramatically alter the outcome of a clash, making it imperative to know how to two hand a weapon in Elden Ring. Together, let’s explore the sophisticated mechanics behind this strategy and discover how to enhance your combative prowess within the game’s immersive battles.

Sharpen your swords and ready your shields, as we delve into the world where Elden Ring how to two hand becomes a vital component of your arsenal. By the end of this guide, two-handing will be as natural to you as the very quests you undertake in the pursuit of becoming an Elden Lord.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the fundamental techniques for effectively two-handing weapons in Elden Ring.
  • Learn how two-handing can amplify your damage output and alter your weapon’s skill set.
  • Uncover the advantages and game mechanics behind wielding a weapon with both hands.
  • Master the precise controls on various platforms, including PC, to swiftly switch to a two-handed grip.
  • Identify which weapons are best suited for dual-wielding and understand their stat requirements and scaling.
  • Enhance your combat strategy with advanced two-handing techniques that give you the upper hand in battle.

Understanding the Basics of Dual-Wielding in Elden Ring

As we delve into the world of Elden Ring, mastering the art of dual-wielding can elevate our combat capabilities significantly. Two-handing, or the ability to wield a weapon with both hands, is a fundamental skill every player should harness. Let’s explore the intricacies of this technique and how it can be your ally in the battles that lie ahead.

What is Two-Handing?

The term “two-handing” in Elden Ring signifies the action of gripping a single weapon with both hands. This style of handling weapons serves not only to bolster damage output but also to afford players with unique movesets that are only available when two-handing. Mastering how to double hand in Elden Ring is essential, as it can turn the tide during intense encounters.

The Benefits of Dual-Wielding Weapons

Engaging in combat with a two-handed grip offers a myriad of benefits. First and foremost, it increases the poise of the character, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks without flinching. In addition, the attack power sees a notable improvement, making it a viable option for taking down tough opponents. By learning how to two hand weapon PC mechanics in Elden Ring, we position ourselves to exploit these advantages to their fullest extent.

Game Mechanics Behind Two-Handing

Understanding the game mechanics behind two-handing is key to utilizing this technique effectively. When we choose to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring, it’s not just the moves that change; there’s a direct impact on how the weapon’s performance scales with our character’s stats. This means that a weapon’s attributes can become even more potent, aligning with our strength and dexterity to deliver critical blows. To harness this power, players need to know Elden Ring how to 2 hand their chosen armaments with precision—a knowledge we are eager to impart.

How to 2 Hand in Elden Ring: Step-by-Step Guide

Switching to two-handed combat in Elden Ring allows players to leverage increased weapon damage and unique skills, a tactic essential for survival in the arduous journey through the Lands Between. We’re here to provide a definitive guide on how to master this technique on PC, ensuring that you can effortlessly adapt your playstyle to the dangers lurking around every corner.

Two-handing your weapon is not just about dealing more damage—it’s about transforming your approach to each encounter you face in Elden Ring. The right combination of inputs makes all the difference, and it’s crucial to have these maneuvers down to instinct.

  • Accessing Your Equipment: Begin by opening your inventory to select the weapon you wish to two-hand.
  • Button Combination: On PC, you’ll typically press ‘E’ to equip the weapon, followed by ‘Y’ (default key) to switch to a two-handed grip. Remember, this may vary if you’ve customized your controls.
  • Switch Back: To return to a one-handed grip, simply press the two-hand toggle key (‘Y’ by default) once more.

Below is a quick reference table for PC players on the corresponding keys used for two-handing weapons in Elden Ring:

Action Default Key Alternative Key
Equip Weapon E N/A
Two-Hand Weapon Y Press and Hold
One-Hand Weapon Y Press Again

Adjusting your grip during combat must be a seamless transition. With our guide, toggling between grips becomes second nature—letting you control the battle with precision and strategic prowess. Mastering how to switch to two-handed in Elden Ring unlocks the ability to adapt on the fly, providing you with the tools to overcome whatever the game throws at you.

how to two hand in elden ring pc

Whether embroiled in combat against towering foes or exploring the vast landscapes of the game, the power of two-handed combat cannot be understated. Embrace this skill, and you will be one step closer to triumphing over the challenges that await in the world of Elden Ring.

Choosing the Right Weapons for Two-Handing

When it comes to mastering how to two hand in Elden Ring PC or any platform, the selection of weapons is crucial. Not every armament is suitable for two-handing, which can drastically enhance your combat capabilities. It’s vital to be discerning and choose weapons that align with your character’s strengths and your gameplay strategy. The art of two-handing isn’t just about raw power; it’s also about skillful synergy between the weapon and the wielder.

Weapon Types Suited for Dual-Wielding

Each weapon in Elden Ring carries unique attributes, making some more suitable for two-handing than others. Swords and hammers often become significantly more formidable when wielded with both hands, while some spears and axes gain extended move sets. Let’s dive into the weapons that best fit the dual-wielding style.

  • Greatswords – Unleash powerful sweeping attacks that can hit multiple foes.
  • Hammers – Deliver devastating strikes that can stagger even the most formidable opponents.
  • Ultra Greatswords – Typically slower but with an imposing reach and damage potential.
  • Axes – Ideal for relentless assaults with a balance between speed and power.

Stat Requirements and Scaling

To effectively harness the true potential of two-handing, players must pay attention to their character’s stats. Weapons have specific requirements, and scaling ratings that determine the additional damage bonuses contributed by your attributes. Familiarizing yourself with these systems is necessary for truly adept two-handing in Elden Ring.

Weapon Category Strength Requirement Dexterity Requirement Scaling Efficiency
Greatswords Medium to High Medium Good to Excellent
Hammers Medium Low to Medium Excellent
Ultra Greatswords High Low to Medium Excellent
Axes Low to Medium Medium Good

Weapon Skills and Affinities

Understanding the various weapon skills and affinities enhances your gaming experience. By two-handing, you may unlock skills otherwise unavailable, providing a strategic edge in combat. Consider how weapon affinities, like Standard, Heavy, or Keen, affect the performance of your weapon when two-handed to maximize your prowess on the battlefield.

  • Standard – Balances strength and dexterity scaling.
  • Heavy – Boosts strength scaling, perfect for power builds.
  • Keen – Increases dexterity scaling, allowing for a quicker, more precise attack style.

Choosing the right weapon for two-handing in Elden Ring is a complex yet critical aspect of your journey through the Lands Between. From understanding Elden Ring how to 2 hand efficiently with the appropriate weapons to harnessing their unique skills, these considerations are essential components of every Tarnished’s arsenal. We’re committed to guiding you through these decisions, ensuring your might and mastery on the battlefield as you venture forth and conquer.

Advanced Combat Techniques with Dual-Wielding

For those determined to master the art of combat in Elden Ring, we delve deeper into vividly powerful tactics enabled by dual-wielding. Venturing beyond the basics of how to two hand a weapon in Elden Ring, we explore strategic maneuvers that leverage this skill to its fullest potential. Mastery here is not merely about increasing damage; it’s about understanding the intricate dance of battle, where every decision is a thread in the tapestry of victory or defeat.

Learning how to two hand weapon pc controls can open up a plethora of offensive and defensive strategies tailor-made for the nuanced encounters Elden Ring presents. Executing well-timed blows after parrying enemy attacks or chaining attacks into fluid, deadly combos—these advanced techniques are the keys to overpowering the relentless adversaries you face. As we navigate through this journey together, remember that dual-wielding isn’t just a style of fighting; it’s a versatile weapon against the unpredictability of combat itself.

The elegance of dual-wielding becomes apparent when we see it in tandem with Elden Ring’s combat system to how to double hand elden ring weaponry efficiently. You’ll learn that with practice, a player’s two-handed control can punish an enemy’s mistake with precision or turn the tide against a formidable boss by exploiting a moment of weakness. As we venture through the game’s rich landscapes, the skills you’ve honed will not only define your combat style but also distinguish you as a true virtuoso of the two-handed technique.


What does it mean to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, to two-hand a weapon means to hold a single weapon with both hands. This technique increases the damage output and changes the weapon’s moveset, offering new strategies for combat.

What are the advantages of two-handing weapons in the game?

Two-handing weapons in Elden Ring provides several benefits, such as enhanced poise, increased attack power, and access to unique weapon skills. It can be particularly effective against enemies with high defense.

How does two-handing interact with the stat system in Elden Ring?

Two-handing in Elden Ring can affect the performance of your weapon based on your character’s stats. It can allow you to effectively wield weapons that have higher strength requirements by increasing your effective strength while two-handing.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring on PC?

To two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring on a PC, press and hold the ‘E’ key (default key for interacting) and then click the right mouse button (RMB). This will switch your grip to two-handed. To revert back to one-handed, simply repeat the process.

What types of weapons are best suited for two-handing in Elden Ring?

The best weapons for two-handing in Elden Ring tend to be those that benefit greatly from the increased strength scaling and improved movesets, such as greatswords, hammers, and axes. However, players may find two-handing advantageous with a variety of weapons based on their playstyle and build.

How do stat requirements and scaling influence two-handing a weapon?

Stat requirements for a weapon must be met to wield it effectively, and scaling determines how much additional damage a weapon gains from your character’s stats. When two-handing, the strength requirement is effectively reduced, allowing you to wield heavier or more powerful weapons earlier than if you were to wield them with one hand.

Do weapon skills change when you two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring?

Yes, some weapon skills can change or perform differently when you two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring. Two-handing may also unlock weapon skills that are otherwise unavailable when wielding the weapon with one hand.

What are some advanced combat techniques that utilize two-handing?

Advanced combat techniques include using the increased poise to power through enemy attacks, leveraging the altered moveset for new combos, and strategically using the unique weapon skills that are enabled by two-handing. These techniques can be crucial for defeating tougher enemies and bosses.

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