Back in the day, games used to reward players for feats and achievements by giving them access to new character skins and other cosmetic modifications. Sometimes these new skins would come with additional gameplay benefits, and sometimes they really were purely cosmetic – but they were always a ton of fun to earn and use as a sort of bragging rights among other gamers.

These days, most games, unfortunately, rely heavily on monetization through cosmetic items – whether they’re free to play or triple-A. This means that it’s harder and harder to find games that’ll reward players with cosmetic items for accomplishing hard tasks – they’ll most often reward players for swiping their credit cards instead.

Now, when it comes to Diablo III, you can fortunately still earn certain wings through simply playing the game. Not all wings are still up for grabs, but if you just want to look cool while clearing dungeons with your buddies, we’ve got you covered – so stay a while, and listen.

Purchasable wings

While Diablo III won’t ask you to swipe your credit card in order to unlock wings from the game’s shop, Blizzard will certainly reward you for purchasing Collector’s Editions of their games. This is the case with, for example, the Wings of Justice – they were offered up as a reward to players that purchased the CE of vanilla Diablo III. This sadly means that you can’t get your hands on them these days, unless you manage to snipe a copy through eBay, Amazon, or your local equivalent.

This isn’t recommended, though, as the price is abysmally high and there’s a good chance of being scammed. Other such wings include the StarCraft 2 wings, available for players that purchase the StarCraft 2 Trilogy Deluxe Edition (which can thankfully still be obtained through official means), as well as Diablo III Reaper of Souls CE or DE wings, which are unfortunately not available as they were a preorder incentive.

Purchasable wings in diablo 3

You can also purchase the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, which will allow you to use the game’s last added class – and we’re sure you’d never guess that the said class is Necromancer. After purchasing the DLC, you can go ahead and complete all of the Necromancer’s class achievements, after which you’ll be rewarded with Trag’Oul’s wings.

What if I want to earn my wings through gameplay?

If you’re willing to go about earning your wings the old-fashioned way, you can certainly do that. Just know that gaining wings this way will require an astonishing amount of patience, as well as skill.

The first pair of wings you can earn this way is the Cosmic Wings – in order to obtain them, you’ll need to go through a portal that a Rainbow Goblin leaves behind. Needless to say, this is a rather rare occurrence, but the RNG doesn’t stop here. You’ll also need the wings to drop from Princess Lillian inside Whimsydale, and as you can imagine they’re not a frequent piece of loot. As such, if you’re planning to go for these wings, you’ll want to prepare yourself for a long grind. The wings are totally worth it, though – they have the amazing effect of dropping the FPS of your whole party by about 30 while clearing Rifts – and what’s not to like there?

earn my wings through gameplay

Another pair of wings you can earn through playing is Falcon’s Wings. In order to earn these, you’ll need to go to the first tier of Gardens of Hope and look for a mysterious chest. If you do manage to find the chest, you can open it and hope for good RNG – as the wings can be inside it. On the other hand, if there’s no chest or the wings didn’t drop for you, you’ll want to restart the game and revisit the first tier of the aptly named Gardens of Hope and hope that you’ll find the chest and wings this time around.

You can also earn Wings of Mastery if the Set Dungeons are available to run in the game. You’ll need a ton of skill and patience for this, however, as in order to earn the wings you’ll need to fully master all 24 of the original Set Dungeons – and this can truly be an experience that tests your patience at certain points. If you manage to do it, however, you’ll be rewarded with a pair of great-looking wings. On the bright side, the Necromancer Set Dungeons are not required, so you don’t need to purchase the Rise of the Necromancer DLC if you don’t own it.

Diablo 3 wings

That should just about cover everything you need to know in order to go on out there and get yourself a pair of good-looking Diablo III wings.

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