If you’re a frequent Minecraft player, you know how hard time we had to convince Mojang to update caves, dungeons, etc. And what we got in return are bees. And no, I am not even kidding. We have bees, we have honey production, and we have harvesting honey. So, if you wondered what it would be like to be a beekeeper… You can try it out in Minecraft first.

If you want to know the best way to harvest the Honey and use it the most productive, I’ll give you a brief insight.

Where to find Bee version update?

Firstly, the Bee update was released for Java Minecraft in the 1.15 update and then in Bedrock Edition, 1.14 update. So if you’re playing the game on your PC, it’s a piece of cake to get this update and enjoy the bee add-on.

If you’re playing Java Minecraft, open the game, and next to the Play button, you will see the version of the game you’re playing. Make sure you’re updated to “Latest snapshot (19w34a).” If you are, it means you have an up-to-date game and good to go.

If, however, you see “Latest release (1.14.4)”, you need to update the game. Select Text in the menu and tap on “Bee Update Build.” After the update is downloaded, your Play button will enlighten and give you the sign it’s time to play!

How To Harvest Honey In Minecraft

How to find bees in Minecraft

Well, all you need to do is think logically. If you were outside right now looking for bees, where would you go? To a cold place covered in forests or some warm grass field. Like real life, bees in Minecraft can be found in Flower Forest, Plains, and Sunflower Plains. They like warm places covered with flowers.

At first, you might think it’s a difficult task, but soon enough, you’ll see the pattern. And once you do, the bee world is yours!

The good thing about bees is that they are neutral mobs. They function based on the principle “if you don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.” If, however, you try to harm them, they will start sticking their stings everywhere to poison you. So one bee is relatively harmless, but a hundred bees together…. Well, you can see the picture already.

Again, like in the real world, bees will get pretty upset if you harm Bee Hive or Bee Nest, which would be a reason to attack. However, once they stick the sting once, they will leave the scene. Now, you need to go to their Nest to get the Honey, so your chance might be while they collect pollen. They go around looking for their favorite flower, but usually, this flower is close to home. So you won’t have all day. Because if it was easy, it wouldn’t be interesting.

Also, bees are sleeping at night and staying inside if it’s raining, so at those times, do not even try to come close to their Nest. All you will get is a bee apocalypse.

Been Nest and Bee Hive

As mentioned, bees are going around and collecting pollen. However, they always come back to their Nest, or if they crafted pollen, to Bee Hive. If your goal is to find a Bee Nest, it can be a bit difficult. After all, it’s small and can be hidden anywhere. The easiest way to find it is to find a bee first and then follow it home. Since it’s a neutral mob, it won’t attack you as long as you don’t attack it and just walk around. So find your bee and start following.

How To Harvest Honey In Minecraft

Honey and Honeycomb

Both Honey and Honeycomb are being collected but used for different purposes. Honey can be a tasty treat to drink or turned into Sugar. Honeycomb has more craft use, and you can combine it with Wooden Plank and get a Bee Hive.

Now we come to the main question, how to collect Honey and Honeycomb. For Honey, all you need is an empty bottle. Then, of course, you will use it in the Bee Nest and collect the Honey. Harvesting can start once the Nest changes its color. It’s pretty apparent, and you can’t miss it. If you use Shears on the Bee Nest, you will get Honeycomb, and your craftwork can start.

How To Harvest Honey In Minecraft

Good luck!

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