Pokemon Go is yet another part of Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. The game was released five years ago, and finally, we got a feature we were all waiting for – trading. Yes, it sounds funny, but trading in the game can bring you some fantastic benefits, such as evolving specific Pokemon for free. The only problem is that you need a friend to trade with.

Since it got the BaFTA award for the best mobile game, and it became trendy, especially among a younger audience, we are not surprised to see that developers are trying to keep it up to date.

The game supports a new Friends mechanic that enables you to connect with other players, and trading is just a part of it. This guide will show you how to trade in Pokemon Go and use the best out of the feature you’ve got.

Pokemon Go trading requirements

Yes, the feature is there, but not as easy as it looks. You cannot just hop on and start trading with your friends. Before doing so, you need to make some effort from your side as well.

As aforementioned, the first thing you need is a friend to trade with. If you never made one, let me show you how to do so.

  1. Find the screen that lets you enter Trainer Code for another player and shows yours
  2. 12-digit code is under the Friends tab that you can find by clicking on the trainer’s portrait
  3. Once you find the Friends tab, tap on Add Friend, and you will get a code
How To Trade In Pokemon Go
  1. Now, you can send your code to someone or enter theirs
  2. Once the process is done, if someone added you, you will be notified about it and vice versa

Now, when you are linked, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Note: Becoming a friend with someone is possible only if you are level 10 and above.

After you’ve become friends, you need to increase the level of friendship by exchanging gifts, battling in raids or Gym battles together, or trading. Every time you visit PokeStop, you will have a chance to get a special gift. You cannot use this gift, but you can send it to others and increase your friendship level.

There are four different stages of friendship:

  • A good friend – reached after 1 day of friendship
  • Great friend – reached after 7 days of friendship
  • Ultra friend – reached after 30 days of friendship
  • Best friend – reached after 90 days of friendship

Primarily by exchanging gifts, you will upgrade your friendship level. The good news, you need only to reach a Good friend level to start trading together. The only Pokemon you cannot trade on the lowest friendship level is the “Mythical” ones, such as Meow.

And in the end, trading is not free. You don’t need money, but you will need to use stardust. And stardust is a currency you earn by catching pokemon, completing raids, winning Gym battles, etc. Now, the cost is not always the same and depends on the Pokemon you are trading and the friendship level you reached with the person.

Pokemon you already have cost a minimum of 100 stardusts, new Pokemons, Shiny ones, and Legendary can cost much more than that. The higher level of friendship you have, the lower costs you’ll have. So make sure to exchange as many gifts as possible and to join some battles together.

How To Trade In Pokemon Go

How to start trading?

Once you fulfilled all the conditions, you are ready to start trading. You can have friends anywhere globally, but to trade with them, you need to be close by. Actually, you need to be within 100m distance. Once you are physically close to your friend, go to the Friend tab, choose the friend you want to trade with, and tap on the Trade button. Wait for the other side to accept the request. Now select the Pokemon you wish to trade, and you will see the total cost. Also, you will see Pokemons CP that depends on your trainer level. If your friend has a super-strong pokemon and a higher trainer level, you will receive a weaker version according to your level. Besides Pokemon, you will receive candies in each trade. Again, the number depends on the location Pokemon was caught. If you were further away, you would receive more candies.

How To Trade In Pokemon Go

Trades and benefits

Now, the most beneficial for you can be Special Trades. In these trades, you can ask for a Pokemon you don’t already have in your Pokedex or one of the Legendary Pokemons, such as Moltres or Zapdos.

Note: These Special Trades can be done only once per day and can be extremely pricey. Be careful when planning a trade. The best would be to wait and upgrade to a higher friendship level, which will help you pay less for such trades.

That would be it. I hope you enjoyed this guide and you are ready to start trading your Pokemons already!

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