King’s Raid is a pretending 3D game. It is accessible on Google Play Store for nothing. There are a few kinds of characters in King’s Raid. You have the choice to alter them.

King’s Raid Tier List PVP, PVE and hero tier

Some saints are locked, you can buy them from an in-application buy.

King’s Raid can be played with your companions or the players from one side of the planet to the other. The player’s pinion wheels will be opened once you dominate the match. The new parts in the game will likewise be opened in this adventuring game.

King’s Raid is a 3D game with extreme illustrations. It is one of the first class pretending games. King’s Raid must be played on the android form 6.1 or higher. Lower renditions are not viable with the game.

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King’s Raid Tier List

The king’s raid tier list is categorized into two parts:

  1. PvP Tier(Player VS Player) content
  2. PvE Tier(Player VS Environment) content

 Warriors Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List : Warriors

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Scarlet (Sub)Dealer (Cleanse, Dispel) B S B
Gau Tank (CC, Cleanse, Buffer) A A SS
Priscilla Subdealer (Buffer, s2) A A S
Chase Dealer (Buffprevention) A S A
Viska* (Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp, Shred) S A A
Naila Subdealer (Amp, CC) A A S
Seria Dealer (Defpen, always crits) A A B
Kasel Selfish (Acc Debuff, Dodge) B A A
Theo (Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp) S B S
Nicky* was born nerfed

Knights Tier List

Knights Tier List

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Morrah Tank (Protector, Amp) B C A
Loman* Tank (Amp, Cleanse, Shield) S SS S
Dosarta Tank (PvP Tier) B A C
Aselica Tank (Buffer, Amp) A B B
Clause Tank (Protector, AsSlow) SS C S
Demia Tank (PvP Tier) B S B
Neraxis Tank (Protector) SS B S
Jane Tank (Amp, Shred) S B A
Phillop Tank (Shred, Amp) S A S
Ricardo Tank (CC, Protector) B S B
Sonia Tank (CC, Amp) A A A
Glenwys Tank (Protector) SS C S

Assassins Tier List

Assassins Tier List

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Roi Dealer (Single Target) B C S
Tanaya (Sub-)Dealer (Silence, Dispel) A A A
Reina Dealer (Single Target) A B S
Nia Dealer (Defpen) A A A
Mirianne Dealer (Single Target) S S A
Laudia Dealer (Single Target) A A S
Gladi (Sub-)Dealer (Amp) A B S
Fluss Dealer (Anti-Magic) B S B
Ezekiel Dealer (CC, Defpen) S A S
Erze Dealer (AoE) SS A B
Epis Dealer (Main) S A A

Archers Tier List

Archers Tier List

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Arch (Sub-)Dealer (M.Shield, Defpen) A A A
Zafir Dealer (Aoe) SS A S
Yanne Dealer (Main) C C SS
Shamilla (Sub-)Dealer (Dispel, Pvp) A A C
Selene Dealer (Main) A B A
Requina Subdealer (Amp, Blockred.) S SS S
Luna Dealer (Main) S A S
Dimael (Sub-)Dealer (bit of everyth.) A S A

Mechanics Tier ListMechanics

Mechanics Tier List

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Rodina Dealer (Single Target) B B B
Oddy Support (CDR) A B B
Mitra Dealer (Single Target) C D C
Miruru Subdealer (CC, AoE) S SS S
Lakrak Dealer (CC, AoE) S A S
Kara Put with Shea or Rip A A A
Crow Dealer (AoE) B B A
Chrisha Subdealer (Aoe Amp) S B S
Annette Support (CC Immunity, Amp) S B SS

Wizards Tier List

Wizards King’s Raid Tier List

Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Veronica Support (Buffer, Amp) B D A
Pavel (Sub-)Dealer (CC, AoE) A S B
Ophelia (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Burst) A S A
Nyx Dealer (AoE, Dispel) S S B
Maria Subdealer (CC, Amp) S S B
Lorraine Subdealer (CC, AoE) A B S
Lilia (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer) A A A
Lewisia Dealer (Single Target) B C C
Esker (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Aoe Amp) A D B
Cleo Dealer (AoE) SS B A
Artemia Dealer (AoE) SS B S
Aisha Dealer (Single Target) A B A

King’s Raid Tier List : Priests 

Priests Tier List


Hero Classification PvE Tier PvP Tier BD
Shea* Support (everything) A B B
Rephy Support (Cleanse, Healer) S SS S
Mediana Support (Buffer, s3) S A S
May Support (Buffer, Healer) B D B
Lucias Support (Anti P.Damage) A S B
Leo Support (s3, Shred, Dispel) C SS C
Lavril Support (Buffer, weak heal) A C S
Laias Support (Manabattery) S A S
Kaulah Support (CC, Buffer) A B S
Juno Support (Cleanse, Dispel) S S A
Frey Support (Shield) S B S
Cassandra Support (Disruption, Buffer) B S B
Baudouin Support (s3, Buffer, CC) C A C

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Best Hero’s in PvP Tier

In this King’s Raid level rundown, all the legends referenced underneath are must-pick. Their details are astounding that empower them to overcome any of their foes.

Best Hero’s in PvP Tier

On the off chance that you think that they are in the game, simply go for themselves and add them to your group.

  • Loman

In our King’s Raid saint level rundown Loman stands firm on a significant situation. He can handicap the adversaries while likewise intensifying the harm they take.

His top hostile capacity is Knight’s Creed and it can obliterate an enormous number of adversaries.

  • Scarlet

The second name in our King’s Raid saint level rundown is Scarlet. She’s a master in the field! When doing harms to foes, she wipes out all adverse consequences on partners and all beneficial outcomes on adversaries.

  • Requina

Requina is an extraordinary debuffer and a good DoT (Damage over the long run) DPS ( Damage each second).

Likewise her minimal expense administrations Mr. Python can be effectively used to get an early lead in a game. The entirety of this procures her a spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.

  • Rephy

Rephy’s help expertise can help our group by offering a consistent measure of mending (that can’t be dissipated), while Salvation, his other legitimacy, can purify the whole gathering and give enchantment assurance.

This ruler assault level rundown is second rate compared to the S-level rundown. All things considered, the legends in this level can have a colossal effect in the group sythesis.

  • Demia

The main legend in this rundown is Demia. Demia is an awesome Tanker both for Magic and Physical protections! Her failing capacities are truly outstanding.

  • Fluss

Fluss is especially successful against adversaries that have a high sorcery assault since his Flash Step will quiet them while as yet expanding his harm decrease and denoting the objective.

  • NYX

NYX works extraordinarily while battling various adversaries. He bargains actual harm to target adversaries with Dimension Blade, and for every foe he strikes, he wins 1 heap of Dimension Blade.

In this current King’s strike level rundown. The Heroes are mediocre compared to both S and A level records however they can perform incredibly whenever given the right help.

  • Tanya

Our first saint on this rundown is Tanya. Tanya is a profoundly talented professional killer who spends significant time in secrecy.

  • Sonia

Sonia’s initial two capacities will cause issues in the adversary group by paralyze locking them while polishing her assault and security.

  • Jane

Jane has an overall tank with one extra life and self-recuperation. She can likewise build the enchantment harm done by the crew.

Starting from this current lord’s attack level rundown the legends are less incredible and it is difficult to make a group with these characters that would benefit in the long haul.

  • Lakrak

Lakrak uses a hand cannon to cause touchy mischief. He assaults adversaries with uncommon shots and makes deadly harm them.

  • Rodin

Rodina’s single-target harm is amazingly high that makes her ideal for attacks.

These legends are nothing but bad and fill no need in the PvP content.

  • Yanne

Yanne is an extreme foe for winged serpents. Her capacities are intended to harm them while likewise missing their guards and staggering them.

  • Morrah

On the off chance that you need Magical Protection, Morrah is the one you would need, and she can likewise offer high DPS for a tank.

Best Hero’s in PvE Tier

  • Artemia

Artemia’s Pillar of Light is a phenomenal decision against a solitary perilous rival as it hits hard and diminishes assault harm.

Artemia is an incredible PvE legend who has won the right on the money our King’s Raid Tier list.

  • Erze

Erze is a talented professional killer who can take out a few targets while at the same time restoring herself with Sweet and Soaking Blood.

As examined before, these legends are incredible however they are mediocre compared to S-level saints.

  • Phillop

Phillop can utilize Collision to thump down rivals and Head Butt to knock them up by additionally debuffing their assault speed. Because of this limit, he is a good choice for swarm control.

  • Epis

Epis is a transporting professional killer that can cause ruin on the foe units behind the scenes. Her capacity Absorbing Blow helps healers by restoring herself for a part of the harm done to foes.

The saints in the B-level rundown are a bit more situational yet they enhance your group structure.

  • Gau

Gau’s third capacity, Vortex, makes him an uncommon saint in King’s Raid Tier List. Vortex is the game’s most impressive Crowd Control (CC) capacity, and it can completely recharge the Black Dragon’s CC bar.

  • Priscilla

Priscilla is an inside and out legend unit. She sparkles in each crew. She can work in any group and for a substance.

The saints in this rundown start to lose critical measures of force thus, making them second rate compared to S, A, and B level legends.

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