Everything in the gaming world is changing drastically. New platforms for gaming have been introduced, new techniques are replacing the old ways of playing games, and most importantly new games are also coming into the scene. If you are a hardcore game enthusiast, you surely understand how important it is to stay updated in the gaming world.

Loteria online games

Gamers and by saying that I mean professional gamers who get paid to sit and play games need to be on their toes with gaming information. Without updated knowledge, one can never become a pro gamer. Nowadays, we have applications and websites related to the news. By downloading them we remain updated about current affairs. So why not have a website for games to stay updated about the gaming world?

Gaming trends is your one-stop solution for all game lovers who would like to stay updated with the things happening in the gaming world. Moreover, not just gaming,  the website also helps in providing business and entertainment news.

Look and feel of the website

The website has a perfectly user-friendly and very amazing appearance. When you enter the website, the first thing that you notice is a set of gaming information on the latest games and the developments taking place in them.

As you scroll down, you will also see a list of guides that are completely based on descriptions that indicate how you can play some very interesting games like Loteria online games.

Moreover, if you scroll down you will spot a list of trending gaming information. These articles are crisp and of great quality. If you click on them they will get redirected to another page where you can read the complete news.

Gaming Trends also has a navigation bar at the extreme right side of the page with three lines as its icon. When you click on them you will see that the page is divided into several categories. The categories that you are likely to spot are Gaming, Guides, Tips, News, Reviews, More, and Contact Us. Under the more category, you will spot a set of sub-categories like Business, Entertainment, About, and Contact Us.  Each segment has tons of information that are related to the gaming world.


The navigation of the page is great. You are not going to face any advertisement interruption. The pages get redirected to the right place no matter in whichever link you click on. The website is filled with fascinating graphics and pictures of Loteria online games characters. The page also has a search bar where you can type what you want to find and click on it to get started.

What are Loteria Games?

Fun games and good times are everyone’s favourite. We all like it when we get to play indoor games with friends and family that stir a lot of anticipation and fun. Bingo is one such game that is everyone’s cup of tea. However, a slightly different version of it is Loteria. It is the Mexican version of the game “bingo”. The only difference is you rejoice by saying ” Loteria” in the former and “Bingo ” in the latter.

Similar to bingo, the cards are distributed among the family members. Unlike the original game that just has a number on top of it, Loteria has images related to stories and folk culture. This makes the game a lot more fun and colourful to play. So with numbers and pictures,s you get to say “Se va y se corre con…” if you win the Loteria game.

You can play Loteria with or without it but the sole purpose of the game is to have fun. The eventual calling of numbers leads the players to react in different ways. Some become happy, some anticipate numbers that would match with their cards and some become disappointed with the numbers since they get none of them matched. Whatever it is, Loteria is a game of tremendous fun.

History of Loteria Online Games

Loteria is not a modern game. In fact, it has its presence back from the 15th century. It was during this century that the game was first created in Italy. So no, the game is not originally from Mexico. It was in 1769 that the game was introduced in Mexico from Spain.

However, the game started to commercialize when Don Clemente Jacques in 1887 started to publish the game for people to use it widely. Initially, it was considered to be an upper-class game. But when it gradually became more accessible many people started using it. It became a popular game among the soldiers as well who bought the game back to play with their families.

Eventually, it became a popular and an important part of the Mexican fair and people played this game to win money.

With time Loteria has revamped its pictures to reflect the social norms of the present times. Its last edition of 1931 “Don Clemente Gallo” became highly popular. It had imagery of Mexican folk culture. Presently, the images on the Loteria cards still represent favourite Mexican folk cultures and connect with people.

How To Play Loteria?

Loteria is a fun game and very to Mexican people. The game is similar to bingo and very easy to understand. To play this game you need to have a deck of Loteria cards and pennies or raw beans. At least three players are required and a person to call out the pictures creatively and interestingly that would distract the players from matching with numbers on their cards.

The person who gets all the numbers on their cards crossed wins the game at the earliest. The best part about Loteria games is that all age groups can play them and have a fun time.


The Gaming Trends website is an amazing platform for gamers to become more powerful than ever. With insightful information, trending news, and guides, gamers can stay updated and have a great experience. Moreover, if you face any problem you can also contact them through the ‘contact us’ option. You can mail them and communicate about any problem that you face.

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