Gaming has become a part of a person’s life. It does not depend on age, every age group is addicted to games and entertainment. Everyone has their own choice, some like football,  cricket, car racing and some online pitch card games. There are a variety of games, so that people can choose a specific game according to their likes and dislikes. For this people need to understand each and every aspect of gaming trends and how it actually works. It includes a lot of steps which assures total running of the game without any interruption. Let’s look at some of the key points related to these steps.

Online pitch card game

online pitch card game rules

It is a game which is also called Setback. It is played with two teams. The game is a very tricky game and involves a lot of luck. The game is designed in this way, the aim is to be the first team to score 52 points. The game is played with a standard 52 playing card deck which has two jokers. It is a very fun game and tricky at the same time. There is also some involvement of popular variations which are introduced at the end by the guide who focuses on 10 point pitch. If you find the game interesting and you want to know it in a more detailed manner you can check out the guides, Euchre and Spades. It is a very standard game which is very easy to understand and play. It involves a lot of luck too. You will always be curious to know the next move of the opponent. The cards are ranked in a very specific way, there are two aces high and 2 low. There is a presence of another important card which is called Jack. It belongs to the off suit and is called Jick. It is ranked as a Trump Card below the Trump Jack.  The Jokers are trump and are divided between high and low Joker. They rank above the 10 and below the Jick, with high above low.

Set up

The setup is in a way where a dealer has to be chosen at the starting of the game. The dealer is chosen before the game begins. This is done by distributing the cards among the players where each player is given one card from a well shuffled deck. At the end whoever receives the highest card becomes the dealer. If there is a  tie which occurs a lot of times, it is broken by dealing repeatedly. The dealer who was appointed initially shuffles the card and the player to their right cuts it. The dealer then passes 9 cards in sets of 3 clockwise to each of the 4 players. There are a lot of tricks to play the game and it involves a sharp mind. Let’s see at some of the tricks which are very useful:


The first step in the online pitch card game is bidding. It begins with the player who is at the left of the dealer and then it continues clockwise. The bidding sequence is very interesting because this is the time when the players bet on how many points they are gonna take in the game. The least they can bid is 4 points. They have three choices, whether they can bid 4 points, bid higher than a previous bid or can’t bid at all, pass. If there is a situation where all the players make a pass then the dealer has the power to make an initial bid of 4 points. This is called “Sticking it to the Dealer”. The player with the highest bid determines the trump suit. This is where the first step ends and this is just the first section.


After the bidding round ends we have to redraw. Whoever the winner is determines the trump card, whereas all the other players remove all their non- trump suited cards. The bid winner keeps their cards. The cards that are discarded are shuffled to form a new deck and the dealer then distributes the cards to each bid loser so that they all have six. The bid winner then gets the rest of the deck and takes all remaining trump suited cards for their hand. They then remove all of their non-trump suited cards.

Trick Taking

Whoever wins the wbid gets the opportunity to make the first trick. The game continues clockwise where the motive of the players is to play the highest card in order to win points. The cards that are trump suited are allowed to be played. Then we move forward towards the next round where the winner of the first round gets to take the lead. If there is a situation where a bid loser loses all the trump cards then they are folded and the game is continued along clockwise.


The points that are of some worth are the trump cards only. Other cards like ace, Jack, Jick, high and low Joker, 10 and 2 are worth 1 point.  The 3 is worth 3 points. A simple trick of not losing points even if they lost a trick was to play the 2. The points that are scored are tallied by teams. At the end of the game the team which scored 52 points wins whereas  the team that does not make the bid points, the bid is subtracted from their score. The teams that fail to reach the bid are said to be “in the hole”. The team that scores 10 points by bidding can “Shoot the moon”. It is said that the team that gets to “Shoot the moon” is the winner of the game. If there is a situation where both the teams at the end of the same round score 52 points then the team who makes the bid wins the game. It doesn’t matter if they have fewer points than their opponents. Online pitch card game is a very interesting game.

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