Each time you play video games, the display screen dims are viable for numerous reasons, including the automated brightness settings, your display functions, and previous drivers. The Windows 10 operating gadget is modern-day and probably the best among other Microsoft OS. Unfortunately, this specific version tends to be a tad bit humorous. For example, the home Windows 10 display gets darker whilst gambling games. It isn’t something strange anymore because hassle takes place way earlier than on home Windows 7 and 8. You may stumble upon screen dimming while gambling full-screen video games due to flawed screen configuration (like Magic shiny and so forth.). Furthermore, obstacles from a 3rd-birthday party software like Bitdefender may additionally result in causing difficulty, which makes video games challenging (or, in some cases, not possible to play).

You already replaced your old version of Windows 10 with the latest version. However, the problem still occurs. And yes, it’s frustrating. Don’t worry. This is not something new since the troubles are very common. I’ve examined many PC and gaming laptops within the last two decades, and this trouble is pretty standard. Luckily, there’s a straightforward solution.

Why does my screen dim?

Why is it going on? From my experience, there are numerous reasons why the trouble occurs. Your strength saver settings, previous users, auto-dimming features to your display, your GPU had misplaced its color profile and many other reasons. Maybe you allowed the system to regulate the brightness automatically. Particularly, I’ve noticed it happens when playing the game on full screen. As long as the screen is minimized, the problem is not present. What could be a possible issue is third-party apps causing this issue commonly. If the issue started after the Windows 10 update, just reverse it to the older version. If, however, there’s something else, here’s what you can try.

screen dims when playing games windows 10

How to stop it?

  • By turning off the auto-dimming feature on your PC or monitor. You can achieve good results. If the problem does not appear on different monitors, you will have to test your monitor user guide. Lately released screens like my LG gaming display have these auto-dimming capabilities that help store power and electricity. You may need to disable this option manually to prevent your monitor from dimming mechanically when playing video games. Exceptional manufacturers will have exclusive approaches on how to get the right of entry to this option. I suggest you examine the personal guide of your monitor carefully.


  • Adjust your device’s power settings to disable the adaptive brightness. You may need to alter your energy placing to disable the adaptive brightness function on your Windows 10. On the Adaptive Brightness setting, you want to toggle the placing Off so that your Windows 10 will not automatically alter the brightness. This is to save your display from dimming while you attempt to play some video games. Go to the Control Panel and then to Power Settings. Now navigate to Change Brightness Level and then Advanced Settings. Go to display and enable Adaptive Brightness.

screen dims when playing games windows 10

  • Disable the night mode on the device. On your monitor, you can do it by right-clicking on the desktop. Then go to the display settings and click on the night light. Turn it off.

There are several other workarounds to try, including:

  • Press Windows, Control, Shift, and B keys to restart graphic drivers
  • Check if disabling enabling the graphics card in the Device Manager sorts the issue

screen dims when playing games windows 10

  • Check if using another display port or cable does the trick.
  • You may unplug your charger from the system, launch the game, and plug back the charger to check if that resolves the issue.
  • Check if disabling HDR solves the dimming issue

screen dims when playing games windows 10

  • Check if disabling the Free Sync resolves the issue.

Hopefully, one of these solutions will resolve your problem, and your screen will stop dimming. More details can be found here

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