Use the best fighters in the game to win the Mo Battle in Soul Calibur VI! Here is a list of the ultimate Soul Calibur VI levels to give you the best reviews. Soul Calibur VI is a recent entry in the popular Soul Calibur franchise. With great care and attention to detail provided by the developers, it is loved by fans everywhere. In real fighting game fashion, there will be fighters who perform better than others on the roster.

In this article, we break down Soul Calibur VI and rate the characters from best to worst. Note that Soul Calibur VI is one of the most balanced fighting games available, and the difference between the levels is not huge. Every fighter has a good chance of lasting success if you give them time to learn.

This list categorizes the granular benefits of each character and breaks them down at each level.

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The S-Tier includes the best fighters in Soul Calibur VI. These are the strongest characters at the top level.

Details are Following:

Fighter Weapons Description
Raphael Flambert Raphael is a very powerful fighter with a high level of skill. This means that the more skilled a player is, the faster his practice grows. It has a wide range of versatile combos in different ranges, which allows it to be adjusted in any situation.

Raphael’s greatness is attested to by his outstanding performances in tournaments and ranking games. There is nothing wrong with that.

Carventes Acheron & Nirvana Cervantes made his debut as a villain in the Soul Calibur series. He is one of the strongest characters in the game. Due to the high skill of this character it will take you some time to master it. He is a moderate to near-rush character and has basic principles.
Amy Albion There are more awesome things in Soul Calibur than Amy with a full stack of purple roses. It takes a while for her to get ready for the match, but once she does, the opponent is guaranteed a bad time.

If there’s a hole in Amy’s game, it’s probably a lack of limits. He is a beast in close quarters, but Raphael does not have control of the entire floor.

Ivy Ivy Blade Ivy is the best at controlling the battlefield. It has a wide range of long-range attacks and a long-range capture that can destroy opponents who focus on nearby circles.

Although she is not very strong in terms of damage, and she can fight a little against fighters who have long range tools.

Yoshimitsu Sword & Fu-Ma Blade Yoshimitsu’s conflicting performance is the result of two things: stage and player skills. “When a player is very skilled, Yoshimitsu’s opponent is in a difficult time,” he said.

He is a mix-up king with lightning strikes, strong damage and highly punitive counters. It also has fast animation, which allows you to perform them with minimal setup.



Fighters in A-Tier are very strong but not as good as S-Tier.

Fighter Weapons Description
Siegfried Clockwork Siegfried works best as a counter-attacker, capable of swinging very high speeds in his favor. He is able to do this due to proper defense tools and good range which gives him space control capabilities.

If Siegfried’s opponent has a temporary style of play, he is capable of eliminating them as well. His approach and start-up techniques are enough for him.

Sophitia Sword and Elk Shield Sophitia is also an attractive choice for beginners because of its simple but solid approach. It has good combo, fast movement, and low risk measures that take minimal skill to implement. It may have a small reduction in losses, but its other strengths outweigh its costs.
Cassandra Owl Shield and Omega Sword The basic principles of Cassandra are approximately the same as those of Sophitia. The main difference is that Cassandra has better offensive tools. She is used as a great character – she chooses to win the neutral game, then pushes the opponent into the corner. From there, its very fast and harmful combos take care of the rest.
Zasalamel Kafziel Dealing with zasalamel, especially online, is a memorable task. A small change in your delay and you will probably get caught up in his tricks. Beyond that, Zas has a good neutral game, decent zoning options, and a powerful spirit charge. Abyss is a disappointment, but that doesn’t stop the fact that this fighter is a good choice.
Talim savage Talim is a fighter who is highly skilled in war. It has dual elbow blades. Talim has powerful combos that reciprocate the aggressive play style. She can call a small tornado around her opponent so that they can be sent flying.



Great fighters who are able to walk through opponents, even in classified sports. Solid choice overall.

Fighter Weapons Description
Mitsurugi Shishi-Oh Until recently, Mitsurugi was seen as just an average fighter. However, their success in tournaments has shown the players what their roof is in terms of viability. Now equipped with an extra brace blade, Mitsurugi is as deadly as ever.
2B Virtuous Contract & Virtuous Treaty 2B can completely destroy opponents who are unaware of its aggressive change. This excellent crime combines well with his analysis points mechanic to strengthen his defense as well.
Voldo Manas & Ayus voldo is a variable fighter that is unpredictable due to its mixing options. It produces a reasonable loss and a change of heart adds another dimension to its perspective.
Maxi Fatibal Maxi is a fighter that requires a lot of practice to shine. It has different positions – each has its own uniqueness. This means that your opponent will have to do extra work to adjust to each position and counteract it.
Hwang Dark Thunder Hwang doesn’t get much love from the community, and we don’t think that’s appropriate. He is a unique fighter – the only one who can deal with the losses of many defenders thanks to the Life Force. Its throws are serviceable in most situations and can be used to neutralize again if needed. The problem with Hwang is that it requires a lot of adjustment on the part of the player to master his play style. This is a big problem especially for those who prefer combo mix-ups in their game plan.



Good fighters who are close to the “average pool” in competitive matches. They do not offer any significant benefits, but they do have some obvious shortcomings.

Fighter Weapons Description
Seong Mi-Na Scarlet Thunder Seong is the queen of removing opponents from the ring with her heavy attacks. He is a great zoning character who bows to opponents who stand close to him and personally.
Haohmaru Fugudoku Haohmaru took a number of steps to keep our opponents away from the defenders. It has powerful attacks that strike hard but are a bit more versatile than other fighters. You can use its projectiles to counter it.
Setsuka Ugetsu Kageuchi Setsuka is played slowly and methodically. He has a very large type of counter move that can punish the opponent. The charge of his soul is really good and the difficult tricks that are benefiting those who can do them right and take advantage of them. Setsuka is seriously lacking in the loss sector. It has to rely on the exact timing of counters and placements in almost every match. Unfortunately, his meter gain is also slow.
Azwel Palindrome Azwel has decent tools, but the damage it produces leaves much to be desired. The quality of his redemption is the amount of safe, low-shot shots he can use to help him compete with other fighters.
Astaroth Kulutues If Astaroth was fast, it would be at the top. His attacks and command caused extensive damage to the dish. Its animation is on-point, which makes it a solid choice for precise players. Its very slow pace is its decline. Meta now revolves around fast attacks and defensive patterns using field space. “Athletes who make progress on Astaroth’s technical play style will be given a deep reward,” he said.



You can win something in this fighter rated gameplay, but it will be an ascent from there. Their toolkit is not as good as the best fighters on this list.

Fighter Weapons Description
Kilik Kali-Yuga Kilik has acceptable features in almost every aspect of the game but fails to shine in any of them. Because of this he is tagged as an “average” fighter.
Nightmare Soul Edge Nightmare is best used as a counter fighter. In return, Armor helps to strengthen the style of play. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
Haoh Maru Fugudoku Much of his fighting style is centered on his power-based sword play. It has powerful attacks that can be really effective but are a little shallow compared to other fighters.
Tira Shrieker Tira currently the least used fighter in the game. It has complex mechanics due to the change of state. It is very useful for people who spend extra time mastering their play style.
Geralt Steel Sword & Silver Sword Geralt is basically a strong fighter. The problem is, it doesn’t have the extraordinary features to make it unpredictable. Beginners may find it easy to master, but the less skillful they are, the less valuable it is in competitive matches. Also, it looks like this witch has been the same since its launch. He is not affecting the meta, yet he is not moving with it. If you ask us, it’s weird for developers to ignore such a fighter.



The list includes the worst class of fighters in Soul Caliber 6.

Fighter Weapons Description
Groh Aerondight Replica The Groh feels good enough to play. The problem is that its toolkit doesn’t have very strong attacks that help keep matches safe.
Hilde Gae Dearg & Moralltach As one of the game’s new characters, Hilde still has a lot to prove in competitive matches. It has a great charge button mechanic, but it lacks floor control. This makes him a medium to long range attacker.

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