Minecraft is a phenomenon on its own in 2022. The game has gathered a ridiculous fanbase over the years and continues to grow bigger and bigger every year. People from every age and gender group play Minecraft daily. Building your world the way you want it has a different ring to it. 

Minecraft’s popularity isn’t just limited to gamers at this point. A movie adaptation is coming that features actors like Steve Carrell and Joaquin Phoenix. Other than that, there are numerous memes made out of Minecraft. The craze is such that you cannot go wrong if you choose to use a Minecraft Pfp in 2022. 

Choosing a new pfp for your profile is a tough job, and it needs to be taken seriously. You can just put up any picture as your pfp, right? It needs to be perfect and to describe YOU more than anything else. This piece might be of some help if you are a Minecraft fan who is looking to change their Pfp. Let us give you the Best Minecraft Pfp’s to use in 2022. 

Best Minecraft Pfp’s to use in 2022:

  1. The Sad Koala Aesthetic Pfp
  2. Gold Chestplate Pfp
  3. Character With A Flower Pfp
  4. Badass Herobrine Pfp
  5. Creeper Pfp
  6. The Enderman Pfp
  7. Boy/Girl Anime Pfp
  8. Minecraft Heart Pfp
  9. Minecraft Animals Pfp
  10. The Cheems Minecraft Pfp

1- The Sad Koala Aesthetic Pfp:

Courtesy: exploringbits

Koalas are cute, furry-looking animals that almost everyone loves. Most of the time, we can see them hanging off or climbing a tree. If you like koalas and are also a Minecraft nerd, this Pfp is for you. 

In the Pfp, we can see a Koala in the classic pixelated aesthetic of Minecraft. The colors are fundamental and look very pleasing to the eye. A sad Koala hanging from a tree gives off a distinct vibe. If that’s the vibe you are going for, then don’t look any further.

2- Gold Chestplate Pfp:

Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: Pfps.gg

Gold is one of the rarest resources in Minecraft. Anything made out of gold has a significant value in the world of Minecraft. A chest plate is a type of armor that covers the upper body of a player. Having a gold chest plate will is definitely going to make you stand out. 

And there’s not much different when it comes to setting a gold chest plate as your pfp. It will look a little weird initially, but people will zoom in or open your pfp to get a better look. A gold chest plate can also signify vulnerability as this kind of armor is not very durable in-game. 

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3- Character with a Flower Pfp:

Minecraft PfpCourtesy: exploringbits

The next pfp is for those with a broken heart. It’s a simple image, but it still tells a story, which is what pfps are all about. Telling a story. In this Pfp, we can see a Minecraft character in a default skin holding a flower. 

Now, you might ask, what story does that tell? We can see the character turning away while holding the flower, which can be considered a heartbreak. So, this is the perfect pfp for you if you are that type of person.

4- Badass Herobrine Pfp: 

Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: DeviantArt

Has there ever been a pfp that looked more badass than this? We don’t think so. It’s Herobrine holding a Diamond sword with lighting coming out of it. This picture is everything you would want your Pfp to be. 

5- Creeper Pfp: 

Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: Pfps.gg

Minecraft enthusiasts will know that creepers are bloody scary. Their ability to silently approach you and then explode is unnerving. Creepers are supposed to symbolize fear among the Minecraft community, which this pfp portrays. 

The Creeper Pfp just shows off the face of a creeper, and it’s instantly recognizable. Making it a straightforward pfp choice for Minecraft players.

6- The Enderman Pfp:

Minecraft PfpCourtesy: exploringbits

Like the creepers, The Endermen are another form of mobs that roam around the world of Minecraft. But, they are not hostile straightaway. You can also pet and tame them by giving them the resources of their liking. They can also attack you if you look directly into their eyes. 

The Enderman can be a perfect friend if treated the right way. If you have ever tamed one in-game, we think this pfp might be a really good reminder for that. 

7- Boy/Girl Anime Pfp: 

Minecraft Pfp
Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: Pfps.gg

We realize the need to include Anime aesthetics in every pfp article. Because that is what people love nowadays, and there’s a reason for that. The Anime aesthetics look great on a pfp, and they will always stand out. 

We have a boy and a girl character holding a Diamond Sword. If you are looking to go for an Anime Aesthetic with a touch of Minecraft, one of these pictures should be your choice.

8- Minecraft Heart Pfp: 

Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: Pfps.gg

A Minecraft heart is a symbol of safety and good health. I’m sure many Minecraft fans will find this pfp incredibly wholesome. If you want to spread some good vibes through your love of Minecraft, this pfp is the best way to do it. 

9- Minecraft Animals Pfp: 

Minecraft PfpCourtesy: exploringbits

Several animals are found in Minecraft, and each serves its own distinct value to the game. This pfp serves as a tribute to animals in Minecraft, and this earns plus points for looking like a selfie. Regardless of that, this picture is great pfp material for Minecraft fans. 

10- The Cheems Minecraft Pfp: 

Minecraft Pfp

Courtesy: Cheems Minecraft

This Pfp is an image of the iconic Cheems dog meme holding a diamond sword in Minecraft. The picture is symbolic of how great a meme it is and how it shows off the popularity of Minecraft. 

Another picture that could turn out to be an excellent pfp for most Minecraft fans. 

We hope you have already found the perfect Minecraft pfp from this list. Minecraft is a legendary Video game, and having a pfp related to that will definitely make your profile look different. 

Do you have other great Minecraft pfp’s that should have been on the list? Tell us in the comments below. 

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