Twitch at present serves to be quite possibly the most well known streaming platform out there on the Internet. Notwithstanding, you can in any case run over a lot of irritating commercials on this stage.

Twitch helps in adapting streams by including around 30 seconds of commercials during the start of every video. These commercials can’t be incapacitated. Indeed, even with admittance to Twitch Prime, you actually need to go through the pre-moved promotions. Nonetheless, the uBlock Origin Chrome Extension helps in obstructing these promotions when you will peruse on the web.

As a matter of fact, Twitch developers continually update their frameworks to sidestep any advertisement blocker and show you promotions while streaming. Essentially, uBlock additionally works steadily to discover better approaches to obstruct the advertisements after each new Twitch update.

uBlock Origin as an adblocker on Twitch

There is no denying the way that uBlock Origin serves to be one of the most incredible Adblockers on the web. It is viewed as perhaps the best instrument in the given field since it is equipped for hindering even those promotions that continue to show up on Twitch. Be that as it may, as of late, various clients have whined about having issues identified with ‘uBlock Origin Twitch’ errors.

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Why uBlock Origin Stop Blocking Ads and How to Fix it?

The issue isn’t that uBlock Origin has become less successful. Maybe, Twitch engineers concocted new techniques for showing promotions, which are viable whether or not or not clients use an advertisement blocker.

The uBlock Origin designers need time to chip away at updates to address these changes. This implies clients may see advertisements during this period, which can be disappointing.

This is the reason you should attempt a portion of the accompanying arrangements and physically keep away from the notices.

Here Is The Fix of Your Problem:

Fix 1: Use

A very simple and easy solution is to use another website to watch the stream. The stream is still live and you can chat also. The major thing is you can watch stream without ads.

Follow the following steps:

  • Open Twitch in your program and track down the live stream you need to watch.
  • At the point when you experience an ad in Twitch, simply add before the .tv in the search bar and supplant the .tv  with .com.
  • Press “Enter” and the stream will stack on the site.

Enjoy the stream without any annoying ads.

 Fix 2: Use a VPN

Many individuals use VPN to get track of web based surfing. VPN, Virtual Private Network can effectively assist with concealing the IP address on the gadget you are utilizing behind the server of the VPN. In the event that you have been utilizing VPN, you can attempt to utilize it to evade Twitch Ads out and out.

What you need to do is to set your VPN to a country that Twitch doesn’t run any Ads.

For Example Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine,  Costa Rica and Macedonia.

Here is the list of best VPN that helps you to block ads:

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN

Fix 3: Install a Video Ad-Block, For Twitch Extension

Add the Video “Ad-Block Extension” in Chrome and any other search engine you use e.g Mozilla Firefox etc.

twitch ads

About Video Ad-Block Extension.

This video Adblock for Twitch expansion will trade Twitch video advertisements for a promotion free form of the stream somewhere in the range of 1080p and 480p and afterward naturally switch back to the first video quality once the promotion is done. This is completely done locally, with no intermediaries, no VPN’s and no outsider sites. The augmentation doesn’t gather nor share any close-to-home data and is open source, connect is underneath. Works best when utilized with UBlock Origin, albeit this expansion does likewise impede some promotion following Url’s.

Fix 4: Add a Script in uBlock Origin

This fix helps you to skip ads automatically. You can apply this Fix by following these steps:

  • Open the uBlock Origin Dashboard

twitch ads

  • Click on “settings”
  • Click on “My Filters”

twitch ads

  • Add and click on apply changes

twitch ads

  • Move to “Setting”
  • Click on “I am an advanced user”

twitch ads

  • A cogwheel will show up: Click it
    twitch ads
  • Discover “userResourcesLocation”
  • Change it from “unset” to the given link
    twitch ads

  • Refresh the browser or disable and enable the uBlock Origin Extension

What to do if purple screen appears after this?

twitch ads

At whatever point you get a purple screen with the Twitch logo at the top, it implies that the advertisements are effectively being skipped. Simply press F5 (invigorate) to stack the stream in a split second without an advertisement. This is simply Twitch irritating uBlock Origin clients to incapacitate the augmentation.

Fix 5: Subscribe to Twitch turbo

twitch ads

This method costs money. On the off chance that you pick a strategy that costs cash, consider the cost of the VPN you’re checking out in contrast with the expense of Twitch Turbo, which is $8.99/mo.

A Twitch Turbo membership likewise incorporates numerous different advantages, working on your general insight while utilizing the stage.

What Twitch says about twitch turbo

“Watching with Turbo means no pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, no companions, and no display ads. You may still be presented promotions and ads that are embedded into a broadcast or, in rare situations, delivered with certain simulcast content.”

Note: Keep in mind this before subscription.

Fix 6: Watch the VOD (Video On Demand)

Watching the Twitch VOD (Video on request) accompanies the choice to quickly advance and rewind the video. You can observe live streams too in the VOD. You can watch the video with next to no pre-roll or mid-roll advertisements as uBlock blocks promotions in VOD.

However, with great comes somewhat awful as well. The greatest weakness in VOD is you can’t talk and there is a slight deferral. Assuming you can forfeit that, VOD is a great idea to go.

To watch the Twitch VOD tap on the decoration’s symbol then, at that point, click the Videos tab to choose VOD.

Fix 7: Use different ad-blockers

If still, you cannot get rid of this problem then use other ad-blocker. Some best ad blockers listed below

Purple ad-block

Purple Ad-block is another ads block that is at present recommended for Twitch clients. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox – or you can get the code from Github in the event that you like. This ad block works by proxying M3U8 playlist records from Twitch to give a server side mark that authority recordings to play without ads. It just deals with the right Twitch site, so don’t give it a shot at additional locales.

TTV AdEraser

This ablock assurances not exclusively to eliminate ads yet, in addition, to further develop your Twitch insight by bountiful you some additional elements, (for example, floating over channel symbols to review a stream). It mechanisms by playing Twitch recordings through an exclusively inserted player.

As a matter of fact, clients on Reddit had started questioning that this ad square could adapt to the purple screen blunder. In any case, V1.2 has now been carried away, and the developer guarantees that it should fix the purple screen issue.

All things considered, certain individuals guarantee that you do see the purple screen streak up briefly prior to being helped a bad quality stream for the length of the add, which some may in any case realize irritating. It is accessible for both Chrome and Firefox (with a manual introduction).


TTV LOL is a famous promotion block for Twitch, that many individuals on Reddit suggest. You can get it for Firefox or for Chrome. The promotion block has been took more than 30,000 times and has 4.2 stars in the Chrome Store. It vows to impede Livestream promotions without persuading video quality and without causing the purple screen of death. A dependable promotion block that is by all accounts turning out astoundingly until further notice, and that I can strongly recommend to any Twitch client.

AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard is a free, open-source augmentation for Chromium-based programs.

It is right now one of the most suitable answers for obstructing ads on Twitch, as expressed in a stickied remark from an arbitrator in this famous and often refreshed Reddit string regarding the matter.

The product has a phenomenal rating on the augmentation store and is suggested by huge number of clients who it has kept away from meddling promotions.

AdGuard AdBlocker Product Page On Chrome Extension Store

To figure out how to introduce AdGuard, look at the authority GitHub page where you can discover a bit by bit guide for two right now accessible establishment techniques, just as an itemized portrayal of the item composed by its designers.

Fix 8: Use Twitch-HLS-AdBlock

You can slog around the uBlock Origin Twitch issue by installing a browser extension called ‘Twitch HLS Adblock‘.

  • Go to the following link

  • Download the source
  • Unzip the file into directory
  • Remind the directory
  • Move to chrome extension
  • Developer Mode enable
  • Hit on ‘Load unpacked’
  • Went to the directory with the extension

There is some limitations of this method described beneath:

Usually, it seems to work fine. When loads up a new channel, if there’s an ad inserted by Twitch, after a few seconds of loading the real stream start without any sign of an ad.

However, I’ve seen rare cases where the stream breaks, which requires a browser refresh. This happened once when the ad loaded 2-3 seconds after the stream has ongoing normally.

Fix 9: Use Github uBlock Origin Addon

uBlock Origin (or uBlock₀) isn’t a promotion blocker; it’s a broadly useful blocker. uBlock Origin blocks advertisements through its help of the Adblock Plus channel linguistic structure. uBlock Origin broadens the punctuation and is intended to work with custom principles and channels. Besides, progressed mode permits uBlock Origin to work in default-deny mode, which mode will cause all outsider organization solicitations to be obstructed as a matter of course, except if permitted by the client.

All things considered, note that utilizing a blocker isn’t robbery. Try not to succumb to this frightening thought. A definitive legitimate outcome of impeding = robbery is the criminalization of the unavoidable right to protection.

Promotions, “unintrusive” or not, are only the noticeable bits of security attacking devices entering your program when you visit most destinations these days. uBlock Origin’s fundamental objective is to assist clients with killing such protection attacking device — such that invites those clients who don’t wish to utilize more specialized, involved means (like uMatrix).

EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s, Online Malicious URL Blocklist and uBO’s own rundowns are empowered as a matter of course when you introduce uBlock Origin. A lot more records are promptly accessible to obstruct trackers, investigation, and the sky is the limit from there. Hosts’ documents are additionally upheld.

When you introduce uBlock Origin, you may effectively un select any of the pre-chosen channel records on the off chance that you think uBlock Origin impedes excessively. For reference, Adblock Plus introduces with just EasyList, ABP channels and Acceptable Ads empowered of course.


You can install it through this link:

Fix 10: Use an alternative platform for stream

Choices to Twitch are gradually turning out to be progressively famous. At the point when a stage accomplishes the degree of prominence that Twitch has in the beyond a couple of years, there will consistently be a few clients who despise specific parts of it.

Those clients would now be able to pick Twitch options like YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and DLive.

You probably won’t have the option to watch your number one Twitch decorations on these stages, yet you might have the option to appreciate other substances without advertisements intruding on your review.


Clients are not happy with the quantity of ad that show up on Twitch while streaming. Subsequently, you can now effectively get rid of the notices by utilizing the above uBlock Origin Twitch fixes.

At times, in any case, inserted pre-roll ads may not be identified, so those will be played. Ideally, these issues will be fixed soon, so you can switch channels with next to no danger of advertisements playing before the stream begins playing.

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